Hair Tips

Information, doubts, questions: how can you solve the biggest hair problems and face each situation with the right energy, even when it comes to your hair (straight, curly, long, short)…

19 March 2021

Colour – treated hair – how to take care of it today, tomorrow and forever

Choosing the right colour is only the first step. We tell you how to enhance your new hair colour...

10 March 2021

Take note: strengthen your hair, because it is always the right thing to do

How can you strengthen your hair when it appears weak and damaged? Damage can happen for several reasons, for...

05 February 2021

How to choose the right hairdresser (and keep them for life)?

A quick guide to the signs that make you understand that you have found your hair’s soul mate. Half...

21 January 2021

Ban frizz for good: efficient remedies for rebellious hair.

In the salon, at home and when you’re out and about, here are the strategies to finally free yourself...

12 January 2021

Why it’s good (and good for you) to change your look at the beginning of the year.

Changing hair colour is one of the most efficient ways to communicate.