Is your hair summer ready?


What are the best tips to protect your hair from the sun and have beautiful shiny hair all summer long?

Golden skin, sun-kissed hair, light dresses and colourful jewellery: summer’s here and that’s enough to make us feel beautiful and carefree, right? Feeling the warmth of the sun immediately gives us a mood boost, but don’t forget that UV rays can also have negative effects. It’s important to protect the skin and hair from the sun to enjoy summer to the fullest and not have to take remedial action in September. And that’s not just at the beach, but also in the city, by the lake, up in the mountains… there are a few good habits that you should always include in your beauty routine.Is your hair summer ready?

During the summer, hair needs to be protected from the sun, chlorine and salt, which can stress the hair fibre in different ways. Without protection, the hair loses keratin and lipids within the hair are oxidised, making the hair rough, split, dull and difficult to manage. Prolonged exposure to UV rays cause hair colour fading – whether the hair is untreated or colour-treated – which is caused by free radicals generated by the sun, which can make hair dry and fragile, limiting its capacity to withhold and absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. So, what can be done? First of all, be prepared and begin strengthening the hair (link articolo Vedi alla voce: rinforzare i capelli) during the spring, when people usually spend more time outdoors. Eat a balanced diet, massage your scalp now and then and use restructuring masks to start off on the right foot, as well as following the advice of your trusted hairstylist.

When the cold weather gives way to the warm season, our beauty routine shifts. We swap our face and body creams for lighter textures, (but make sure they have SPF!), we want fresher fragrances, and even our haircare products change, starting from our shampoo. To protect your hair from the sun we recommend cleansing with milk_shake® all over shampoo and following with the nourishing beauty mask, both enriched with a UV filter, vitamin E and natural ingredients such as organic muru muru butter and organic argan oil which give vitality and hydration to hair. This deep mask is perfect as an after-sun treatment for hair after a long day out in the sun. Alternatively, the milk_shake® SUN&MORE range includes a leave in spray mask called incredible milk with UV filters, to give hair the protection it needs during the summer.Is your hair summer ready?

When by the sea or the pool, as well as using sun care creams for the face and body, hair sun care products are important too, such as sprays that protect the hair from UV rays. These should be applied at the start of the day and after swimming. Both a body and haircare product, milk_shake® pleasure oil has a silky “dry oil” texture and medium UVB/UVA protection. The scalp also needs sun protection, so it’s a good idea to wear a hat or headscarf which can be worn when out and about in the sun.

After swimming it’s best to rinse hair with fresh water to remove chlorine or salt, and better still if with a touch of shampoo (suitable for frequent washing, such as milk_shake® all over shampoo) to make the rinse more effective. But what about hair that knots easily? It’s best to apply a few drops of a leave in product and then gently comb through with a wide tooth comb.

The end of the summer is check-up time for our hair, so check for any damage and give the hair some extra comfort to regenerate its health. Giving constant support through hair masks, perhaps by increasing the number of minutes it’s left on the hair, as well as applying balancing products for the scalp, which can be drier due to sun exposure, are just a couple of useful tips you can evaluate with your hairstylist. As well as the most frequently asked question: does cutting hair make it stronger? No, that’s just a myth, but it does help improve its appearance, especially if the lengths are damaged.