pleasure oil SPF 6

emollient soft oil for body & hair SPF 6 • low protection

Ideal for use at the seaside or by the pool to hydrate body and hair, or to be applied after showering in order to leave skin soft, supple and hydrated. Its silky “dry oil” texture gives UVB/UVA protection and is ideal for dark skin or skin that is already tanned, with nourishing and soothing actions from vegetable oils, for safe, sun-kissed skin. Paraben free.


Active ingredients

Organic muru muru butter, hibiscus oil, passion fruit oil, organic argan oil, rice oil, sweet almond oil, allantoin, sorbitol, Vitamin E and UV filters.

How to use

1 .

Shake well, then spray and distribute over hair and body.

2 .

Apply an even amount to skin, being careful to cover exposed skin at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.

3 .

Repeat application after bathing, showering or perspiring.

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pleasure oil
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