Make these your keywords ASAP: face framing, smoky hair, earth colours and pastel shades. And the delight of ginger hair. Ready?

The end of winter awakens the desire for light and vitality, including clothing, make-up and outdoor walks in the open air. Even hair has this desire to bloom with new beauty. Let’s see what the macro trends of this new hot 2021 season are.


Face framing: getting close up

From singers Dua Lipa and Beyoncé to supermodel Miranda Kerr, stars love it: it’s the new colour trend for hair, a technique that lightens up the face and enhances features.

Face framing is all about lightening some side strands, whether subtly or not, giving light to the face and hanging look without having a total look overhaul when it comes to hair colour. In other words, it only works on the hair surrounding the face, without lightening the shades of the rest of the hair (using balayage, for example).

This technique lends itself to being used on many shades of colour: it can be the first step to create lightening on darker shades, or it can introduce decidedly original shades (and it seems that they will be the most in vogue this year): lavender, mint green, pink or blue.

Each face has its own face framing: square and angular faces can be softened with very soft lightening on the lengths; Long faces need lightening that begins at the cheekbones, while round faces only need a slight touch on the tips.

Smoky hair: hair wants make-up, too.


The inspiration came from the world of make-up, in particular from the shading of “smoky eyes” make-up. This colouring technique is used to create new shades with cold tones, combining two or three shades mixed together, darker at the root and lighter at the ends.

It is perfect for blond and brown bases and gives an intriguing smoky effect as it blends up to 3 fading shades. The blond shade is mostly cool, while the brown usually on ash or mocha. On the catwalks there were pink shades paired with blond hair, cold mocha shades on brown locks and purple shades on black hair, demonstrating that there is no limit to imagination.

The smoky hair trend is suitable for any type of haircut, even for wavy and curly hair, but please note, there is no smoky hair for red or gold hair because this technique is only for cool shades.

Earth colours: nature in your hair.

We live in a complicated time and instinct drives us to back to the earth, with all its nuances. The earth’s energy vibrates from every place of the world and meets the light in a kaleidoscope of colour tones and beauty and inspires pigments that reignite our hair colour. So go for shades of blond, as long as they are natural and delicate: very light and almost transparent honey blond, vanilla blond or velvety blond, fruit of a skilful mix of warm and cool shades. But also brown hair, from darker and delicious shades to contemporary brown, right up to dark chocolate shades.

Pastel shades: spring blossom in your hair.

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From powder pink to lilac, from mint green to pastel blue, on a few strands or on the entire head of hair, the important thing for this spring summer 2021 is to give yourself a pastel touch in your hair. Jennifer Lopez went further, showing off a mix of delicate rainbow colours that was immediately nicknamed “Unicorn Hair”, but there is also “Mermaid Hair”, the result of an intriguing tone on tone technique with turquoise, lilac and pink.

Pastel tones match all haircuts, and are suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair. The only must is to choose the right colour for the face: if pink suits everyone, blue and green are best left for people with a more decisive personality. Among the most commented shades on Instagram are coral pink, seaweed green mottled with lilac and pastel strands, lilac and pink bicolour, mint green on long hair with shadowy roots, yellow and pink balayage, and yellow and grey, mixed to recreate the combination proposed by Pantone for 2021.

Ginger hair: checkmate red.

“We should all try red hair in life,” said hairstylist Nikki Lee of Hollywood’s Nine Zero One salon. We agree with her and with those who argue that ginger hair is the most seductive shade this spring 2021. In reality it is nothing new, but copper red is back thanks to the character of Beth Harmon, the protagonist of the most viewed TV miniseries on Netflix “The Queen’s gambit”. So, who could suit it? This sparkling hair colour loves people with an exuberant character and is perfect for those who want to give their look a boost. Ginger hair looks good on warm complexions and makes the magic of green, blue or hazel eyes pop.