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The world of professional hair colour has evolved. A quantic leap has taken it into a new dimension.

In just a few decades, everything has changed: before, hair colour was just about grey coverage. Today, hair colouring is a new form of expression or character, playing with one’s beauty, researching and reinventing our personality, daring to find and create new looks, inspiring, surprising, seducing, at any age.

Colour in progressNew beauty rituals

You know those moments when we feel down, where nothing goes as it should, a chapter of our life closes, and it would really be useful to “get the chop” and do away with it all?

Well, if once upon a time giving yourself a new haircut was a sort of initiation rite towards a new era, today the same feeling is offered by the possibility of playing with the hair colour, whether short, medium or long, it doesn’t matter.
Hair colour is almost a trick, and can be changed according to fashion but also according to personal tastes or the mood of the moment. Millennials are enlightening in this sense, because they teach us to love temporary colour in harmony with our make-up or, even without reaching this eclecticism, to cultivate a more dynamic and free female image.

Hair colouring product trends

Recent trends branch out in two main directions and the numbers also testify this trend: on the one hand, hair colouring is conquering an increasingly large group women, even very young girls: 67% of Italians aged 15 to 75 colour their hair, reaching the top of the European ranking.
On the other hand, the demand for natural hair colours is growing significantly, with over 80 percent of Italians interested in plant-based colour. A truly impressive percentage of women is looking for delicate ammonia-free hair dyes, designed for sensitive scalps that are prone to allergies, and with a protective and restructuring action on the hair.

Customers today want strong and healthy hair, even after the most demanding treatments, and hairdressers want products that are effective, safe, highly tolerable. but that do not limit their creativity. They want creamy, pleasantly scented textures, capable of setting pigments in the hair structure for a long time, covering

Colour in progress

Next generation products and techniques

As a consequence, the quality and the natural origin of the ingredients has improved, as well as the technologies used to create these all-round beauty formulas. Hairdressers and hairstylists have at their disposal a world of possibilities to carry out a professional high-definition colouring treatment in their salon.

Permanent, semi-permanent or temporary dyes, streaks, highlights, even hair colouring techniques have evolved wonderfully. An example? With a perfectly studied and calibrated Balayage technique we have single-handedly transformed what many previously trivially called regrowth into a weapon of seduction.


Professional Hairstylists

Colour in progress
The reliability of the products is very important but in itself is not enough. The technical know-how of those who apply them is also needed. The hairdresser is a beauty craftsperson who works by mixing their knowledge, training from refresher courses and the technical knowledge of the products and how they react in contact with each specific hair type, with their aesthetic eye and creative inspiration. A beauty experience that lacks all this can be very risky for our look and harmful to our hair’s health.

Only a professional hairdresser knows how to mix colours to best cover greys, how to create effects to blend the hair colour, or how to highlight natural hair without regrowth, lightening only a few strands for a very bright sun kissed effect. Like an artist, they also know how to mix seventies vertical lightening and ultra-modern freehand lightening together, giving depth and three-dimensionality to the hair.

Hair is a fundamental element of personality of people of today who experience it as an expression of feminine seduction. Enhancing it and treating it as best we can must not be a trend of the moment but a real conscious and responsible choice of those who produce and those who apply professional colour treatments. We believe in authentic beauty. What about you?