Colour universe

Find out everything you need to know about hair trends, how to choose the right shade and which products revive its shine.

21 June 2021


Make these your keywords ASAP: face framing, smoky hair, earth colours and pastel shades. And the delight of ginger...

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11 June 2021

Colour in progress

Il mondo della colorazione professionale dei capelli ha subito un’importante evoluzione. Possiamo parlare di un salto quantico che lo...

04 June 2021

Golden honey blond

Warm and beautiful, honey golden hair is delicious to look at and catches the light, but requires love&kindness to...

20 May 2021

Let’s shine

Remove the “add light” filter from your smartphone – there’s a new professional hair colour treatment with a natural...

22 April 2021

Everything you should know to choose the hair colour that best suits your face

Red, blond or brown hair: which colour suits you? Here's how to find out.

05 February 2021

Brown hair that’s never dull! The charm of Mediterranean hair colours.

How to enhance all shades of brown, when to lighten and when to blend, all the best products for...

12 January 2021

Why it’s good (and good for you) to change your look at the beginning of the year.

Changing hair colour is one of the most efficient ways to communicate.