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Leave a little piece of your heart at the seaside, but don’t make beautiful hair a thing of the past!


You’ve had the excitement and bliss of a summer holiday, your hair in the wind and sun and soaked in the crystal clear salty sea water … so now you’re back home, here are the products you need to take care of lengths and restructure your hair naturally.

The sea makes us all beautiful, because its presence can be seen in everything we do. Our eyes fill with its beauty, our hands play with the sand, our feet are finally shoeless and bare, our circulation is rebooted through the movement of the waves, our heart is filled with joy, our child-like spirit is awakened when we dive and splash, our skin takes on a marvellous golden tan, and the sea is also good for our respiratory system. Our hair, on the other hand, if not protected with quality suncare products, can look dull and stressed when we return home.

Hair lengths get the worst of it, being subject to external aggressors such as UV rays, sea salt, sand and wind. After the summer holidays, our long hair can look dull, dry and unhealthy.

Is the sea good for your hair or not?restructure in

A lot of people ask this question; it’s not an easy question to answer. If you have greasy hair, you’ll notice that when you’re at the seaside the greasiness goes away, and your hair looks shinier and healthier. This happens because sea water is rich in minerals that have a natural and beneficial grease-removing effect on the scalp.

Sea salt, however, has a lightening effect on hair and this does no good for the hair’s appearance, especially hair colour which can fade to strange shades and tones. If sea salt is left on the hair for too long, it dehydrates the hair, whereas UV rays and wind or sand weaken the hair shaft. The result? The hair cuticle is fragile, lengths break and split ends appear very easily.

How can we restructure long hair that’s been damaged at the seaside?

Once home, it would be best to ask your trusted hairdresser, as well as make some key changes to your hair routine every day, adding products that are capable of working on lengths efficiently. This means nourishing and repairing the hair deeply. In this post we’ll explain a step-by-step approach to repairing stressed hair lengths, by taking care of the hair’s structure with our complete restructure in program.

Step 1: restructure in shampoo.

The first step is to replace your shampoo with a specific restructuring shampoo for dry or damaged hair. Our formula with ceramides, aloe vera juice, quinoa proteins and argan oil nourishes, hydrates and restructures the hair deeply, leaving hair soft and healthy. After having lathered the shampoo over the scalp, it’s a good idea to leave it on for a few minutes to allow the active ingredients to act on the hair and scalp.

Step 2: restructure in intensive treatment.

Now it’s time to apply a rich cream created to act on lengths, giving the hair strength and body. The rich concentration of health and beauty within this formula is given by its exclusive active ingredients that are the same as the shampoo, with the addition of bamboo extract, hydrolysed keratin, keratin amino acids, hydrolysed collagen, collagen amino acids and panthenol.

When distributed over lengths and ends after shampooing and left on for 5 minutes, this intensive treatment cream restructures and repairs the hair intensively.

Step 3: restructure in deep remedy.

As an alternative to the mask, if you prefer a quicker fix, the fluid spray is your key product, because it restructures the hair, improves the hair’s body and making it easier to manage, as well as shiny.

A practical spray to be sprayed over clean, damp hair, massaged through and left on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing out.

restructure in

Step 4: restructure in sublime oil.

To complete the treatment, we created a special instant smoothing oil for dry or damaged hair. This specific oil for the hair should be applied to clean, damp hair or dry hair, to then proceed with styling. Its anti-frizz action is immediate and the hair looks instantly shiny. This is because its formula contains argan, jojoba and apricot oils, with nourishing, detangling and shine-enhancing properties, which smooth the surface of the hair, making it shine with new splendour.

Key words: ceramides and keratin.

Why are these ingredients fundamental in a repairing treatment for damaged hair? Reason n. 1: ceramides are one of the three types of lipids that are part of the hair’s cuticle. Their job is to keep hair scales in shape, in other words, compact, closing them to make hair less rough and dull. Reason n. 2: keratin is the main protein within hair and makes it healthy, shiny and vigorous. Its production, however, can decrease over time due to aging, external aggressors such as pollution, an unbalanced lifestyle, aggressive chemical treatments and… exposure to the sun and sea.

Restoring these elements within the hair is the best way to get visible and long-lasting results.