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Summer + sea + sun = stressed out hair. In this post we’ll tell you about the marvellous professional delicate treatment to make your hair colour shine.


Picture of you diving into the sea, check! Walk in nature, on paths, or with your feet in the water, check! The colourful flowers of mountain meadows, check! During the summer, it’s easier to go out into nature and bathe in its beauty, which regenerates us and helps us to go back home with more inner harmony and energy.

There’s something that tends to fade away during our summer break though, and that’s our hair colour. Yes, because life in the outdoors under the sun, in the wind and in sea water, can dehydrate and damage the hair, fading hair colour.

So, we look in the mirror and we feel that we do look healthier thanks to our summer glow and relaxed features, but our dull, dry hair lets us down. But don’t panic! Pick up your smartphone and book an appointment with your local salon.


SOS hair colour

Colour-fading requires immediate professional attention, with an efficient and gentle solution that gives hair back its colour. milk shake® has created milk shake® wonder, innovative permanent hair colour created through the constant research of z.one concept™ labs.
milk shake® wonder is a new beauty story for hair which colours hair gently, respecting the scalp and hair.
Here’s its identikit: ammonia free, paraben free, sls & sles free, it gives up to 100% grey coverage, gives up to 3 levels of lift, a radiant result, a radiant 3D colour effect and long-lasting colour tones.


Ready to be filled with wonder?

milk shake® wonder is great for both hairstylists and clients because it makes everyone happy. Salon professionals can unleash their creativity, using this colour cream to give life to hair colour tones or customised lift, with the guarantee of 100% grey coverage.

Every client can discover the wonder of their hair, enhancing the softness and shine in their hair naturally, with a pleasant fragrance. Contrary to other permanent hair colours, milk shake® wonder has a unique fragrance that combines head notes of lily of the valley, geranium and rose, with apricot, fig and coconut heart notes,  and vanilla and orange flower base notes. Aromatherapy for your hair!


Pure hair colour with a lot of variety

milk shake® wonder’s special feature is the purity of its pigments and the formula created with a balanced molar system. The result? The colour is more vibrant, intense and long-lasting because all those unwanted reactions between pigments which can ruin colour are avoided.

The 70 shades in the colour chart make this colour wonder-ful! A rainbow of possibility to colour, cover greys, lift up to 3 levels, tone, correct and increase the intensity of any shade, with the possibility of desaturating or lightening any shade.

Science, technology and nature: a recipe for wonder


Behind this high-level performance is a rigorous selection of active ingredients that are put through next-generation technology such as hyper-fermentation, transforming these ingredients into high-quality cosmetic active ingredients.
Hyper-fermented oat extract is rich in proteins and many antioxidant calming and soothing compounds for the scalp; amino acid complex is an exclusive complex of plant-based amino acids derived from wheat and soy that restore the hair’s natural keratin components, giving strength, shine, smoothness and softness.
Sunflower seed oil envelops the hair like a veil, strengthening the cuticle and restoring shine to dry and damaged hair. Goji berry extract protects the hair with natural phyto-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidant substances.

This summer, many stars basked under the Italian sun: Jennifer Lopez was in Capri and Portofino, Gwyneth Paltrow in Tuscany, Katy Perry in Venice, Penelope Cruz, Elisabetta Canalis, Chiara Ferragni and Diletta Leotta in Sardinia. All amazing places imbued with wonderful colours of nature… just like milk shake® wonder.