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Trees and hair have a lot of beautiful things in common. Let’s take care of them!


Today we’re talking about ROOTING FOR YOU, the simply zen campaign to plant 500 pine trees in Val di Fiemme to reforest the area which was hit by a natural disaster in 2018.

Roots, shaft… there are many aspects that connect our hair to trees, which are both beautiful creations made by nature. Have you ever thought about it? Hair and trees follow life cycles, they have a falling season and a regrowth season, they have seasons where they look stunning and seasons where they are more fragile and need greater care…. such as trimming or pruning, or a strengthening treatment to give them new life.

This strong connection was all that was needed to create the spark for the ROOTING FOR YOU project. But that’s not all: in the ROOTING FOR YOU campaign there’s our vision of nature, experienced as a master and an infinite source of inspiration. Nature, its plants and fruit, inspired simply zen to use ingredients that make our products efficient yet gentle and safe… and that’s why we are rooting for nature!

Caring for trees as much as our hair


To pay homage to nature and its abundance, we created a project that dedicates the same amount of care to nature as we do to hair. In collaboration with WOWnature, the European organisation that plants trees in those areas of the world that have been more affected by climate change, we planted a forest of 455 trees in Val di Fiemme, in Trentino, an area hit by a natural disaster which, at the time, was all over the news. On the 29th of October 2018, in just a few hours, high winds of up to 120km/h uprooted more trees than those that would be felled by lumberjacks over the course of three years. The estimates say that approximately 1.5 million plants were destroyed.

13th October: International Day for Disaster Reduction.

What’s the best way to represent our campaign, which is a small but concrete gesture to regenerate nature that has been destroyed, helping to prevent the risk of future landslides? The symbol of the ROOTING FOR YOU campaign is a pine tree, because red pines were the most hit, and because the pine trees symbolically represent the hair and the action that the simply zen range has on the hair and scalp, because pine trees have strong roots that anchor them to the ground and have strong resinous trunks that are hard to break, just like we would want our hair to always be: hence simply zen densifying is the product range for this campaign.

ROOTING FOR YOUDensifying: the response to hair loss.

Research carried out between 2020 and 2021 has revealed that interest in fighting and preventing hair loss is increasing, even among young people. Hair loss is an increasing phenomenon even in younger age groups due to stress. The philosophy that underlies the densifying range is that to take care of the scalp is to take care of the hair, so a stronger and healthier hair follicle makes for stronger, healthier hair from roots to ends.

The active ingredients, such as the blend of guaranà and caffeine, act on the scalp and hair follicle, stimulating, energizing and delivering oxygen to create the best environment for strong, healthy hair – just like trees need the right soil so that they can grow healthy and strong!

Prevention or deep treatment?

The densifying range contains a shampoo, lotion and concentrated lotion which can be used as a preventive seasonal treatment or as a deep treatment should the hair loss be excessive. The shampoo has an invigorating and protective action with delicate surfactants that remove impurities without removing the hydro-lipidic film of the scalp. The lotion contains Indian kino tree extract and a botanical blend of 10 plant varieties, guaranteeing a concentrated energizing effect. The densifying concentrated lotion is an intensive lotion that gives immediate benefits with added hydrolysed rice proteins that integrate and strengthen the hair fibre, working on its structure and condition.

Tips to prevent hair loss…. Start with food


As well as having targeted products hair and scalp with ingredients of natural origin, we can also benefit from nature when we eat: diet is paramount when tackling hair loss and to keep hair healthy, shiny and strong. Every day we must take care in making the right choices for our bodies and introduce the right amount of nutrients: proteins, amino acids and vitamins, which are fundamental for the synthesis of keratin, the substance which makes up hair. Here are three good habits you should take up every day:

  1. introduce fatty acids into your diet such as omega-3 contained in fish, vegetable oils and nuts, because a lack of omega-3 contributes to altering the hair’s life cycle, making hair fall out more easily.
  2. don’t go overboard with sugars, especially refined sugars, because these increase insulin in the body and act on the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, which is an enemy for the hair’s beauty and health.
  3. choose food that contains vitamins A, C, E and B but also minerals such as selenium, iron, copper and zinc.