A natural approach in harmony with the senses.

Style, shape and colour contrasts

Do you believe in love at first sight?

A natural approach in harmony with the senses.

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Style, shape and colour contrasts

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

z.one concept

z.one concept is synonymous with maximum performance, creativity and innovation, as well as owning three brands that correspond to the different needs of an audience interested in high quality services and products. milk_shake®, simply zen e NO INHIBITION. Passion and human values are at the heart of the z.one concept™ philosophy, and become an incentive to continue to grow and dream together. .

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About us

z.one concept™ is based on the values of Made in Italy products and the craftsmanship of Italian products combined with an international and multitasking spirit. The company is a leader in the professional hair fashion sector, founded in 1999 by Ivano Panzeri, and after 20 years it still retains its authority in the world of high quality hair products.

z.one concept™ products encapsulate innovation, trends and excellent performance, but that’s not all: the brand also offers professional consultation services tailored to each client.

lifestyling amazing curl & waves

Humidity-resistant defined curls and waves that last for days?

Choose the weightless spray that supports and defines curls and waves and protects them from humidity.

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Want neutral cold colour for your hair?

Pier Paolo Lai, hairstylist for celebrities and super models, will be part of the z.one concept™ team!

Double Action Treatmente,
the new pre-color protection technology.

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A real colouring ritual with the fragrance of herbs and nature.

Be inspired

Discover the z.one concept magazine: a dream come true where you can find all the secrets to perfect hair. The ingredients that are right for you, the best styling products to create your look, but also news and inspiration.