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Bring the world of milk_shake® into your salon:

a complete and simple routine that gives soft, manageable, shiny hair. Our secret recipe will make your day.

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It’s the ideal routine and energy boost for your hair:

/ delicious, creamy, soft textures
/ our signature irresistible
sweet vanilla fragrance
/ active ingredients of natural origin

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Fall in love with our formulas:

The selective mix of active ingredients guarantees unprecedented softness, even with frequent washing.


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Goji berries

With a high vitamin and mineral content, they are the ideal solution for dry, dehydrated and dull hair

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Milk proteins

A fundamental element to supplement and strengthen the hair fibre, deeply nourishing and conditioning the hair’s structure

img fragolalampone

Strawberry and raspberry extracts

Regenerate the scalp and have an invigorating and antioxidant action

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make my day
make my day


milk shampoo for super soft hair

make my day conditioner
make my day
make my day


conditioning milk mask for super soft hair

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whipped cream
whipped cream

leave-in foam
leave-in foam

leave-in foam for super soft hair

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it’s also an exclusive in-salon service:

The make my day mask, a nourishing milk mask, can be combined with 3 special fruit boosters that contain all the vitamin strength found within the fruit itself.

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There’s something new to add to your salon experience, too:

the iconic milk_shake® fragrance is now available as
a room fragrance.
img set img set

Sweet, creamy vanilla notes will guide your clients through their milk_shake® salon experience.

An extra way to fall in love with milk_shake®.

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