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when nature inspires beauty

naturally-sourced ingredients embodied within next generation technology, striving for sustainable wellbeing.

A wide range of products with specific lines dedicated to improving the wellbeing and beauty of scalp, hair, body and the environment.
  • / A path of rituals with proven effectiveness
  • / A present of innovative formulas
  • / A future of wellbeing

simply zen
the enthusiasm of discovering the bests parts of ourselves

Our values
Your path

Wellbeing and Beauty: simply zen is the concept ™ brand dedicated to the world of hair care with a natural and holistic approach.

Efficacy and Nature: innovative formulas with naturally derived ingredients, embodied in performative technology. Respect for nature can also be found in production, through renewable energy, and in the use of recyclable bottles and packs that lead us towards increasingly eco-sustainable well-being.

Essentiality and Transparency: an essential and clean image, with packaging that evokes nature with delicate and elegant detail. A bond to a green ethos that is carried out with consistency through communication, which is always transparent and clear.

smooth & care

Straight, wavy or curly hair, fine or thick:
counteracts frizz
with smooth & care!

Gives energy and vitality to weak hair.
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The campaign that simply zen support to pay homage to nature, our greatest inspiration.
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A real colouring ritual with the fragrance of herbs and nature.