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Nature and technology combine to create simply zen HERBARIUS DYES: the colouring power of nature dedicated to the beauty and colour of hair. Colouring powders derived from the leaves, roots and flowers of different plants combine with water to create a truly natural colouring ritual.
100% natural powdered plant dyes, or dyes enriched with direct pigments, delicately colour the hair, giving tones and camouflaging greys in both natural and colour-treated hair.
The powders respect and improve the original condition of the hair, giving added body and shine.
A true colouring ritual that smells of herbs, of nature. The mixing of natural powders and filtered water gives shine and body to the hair, making it healthier and stronger, with a gentle action. A relaxing and pleasant colouring ritual, dedicated to those who want shinier hair, with a Vegan approach.

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