A real colouring ritual with the fragrance of herbs and nature.

Nature and technology combine within z.one concept™ to create simply zen HERBARIUS DYES: the colouring power of nature dedicated to the beauty of hair colour. Powdered plant dyes made from leaves, roots and flowers from a variety of plants, when combined with water, create a truly natural colouring ritual.

100% natural powdered plants dyes, or plant dyes enriched with direct pigments, the dyes colour the hair gently giving colour tones and blending in greys in both natural and colour-treated hair. The powders respect the original condition of the hair, giving it body and shine.


The colouring power of nature is growing! 4 new shades to give you a wide choice of colour shades.

Discover all the nuance

95% natural and 100% natural shades!

100% natural

The 6 versions of the 100% natural shades give colour tones and shine whilst giving the hair body, conditioning and shine.

All the 100% natural shades

95% natural

The 8 versions of the 95% natural shades are a blend of different natural powders enriched with direct pigments with proven quality that support the natural powders, giving greater intensity and varieties of tones, with a greater colouring strength for greys, giving body, conditioning and shine.

All the 95% natural shades