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milk_shake is a range of professional hair care products that believes in simple, joyful, spontaneous beauty.

Our secret? Ingredients of natural origin like milk proteins and fruit extracts that take care of every hair type.



  • VIBRANT and SHINY hair
  • TIME-SAVING in the salon


  • High quality products with natural ingredients that give hair nourishment
  • Innovative techniques that guarantee customised and natural-looking results
  • Tools that have been created to make application quick and easy

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ms creative
A permanent colour formula with intense and long-lasting results that guarantees maximum grey coverage and a vast variety of limitless colour options:

  • radiant, colour-rich shades
  • long-lasting colour
  • natural-looking result
  • a broad colour palette for any colour result

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  1. easy to use and coded with shade names, numbers and lettering using the international colour classification
  2. a wide range of colours with 135 shades subdivided into 20 tonal series
  3. 4 natural series that offer different colour coverage intensities and chromatic tones to achieve any colour result
  4. 4 tonal series capable of giving up to 50% grey coverage without needing to mix with the natural series
  5. an ultra blond series that gives up to 4-5 levels of lift, for balanced and radiant blondes
  1. a colour corrector series that can be mixed with the entire colour range to accentuate or control colour tones
  2. a neutral booster (clear) that can be combined with shades to increase lift or can be used alone as a delicate lifting cream-gel
  3. easy to blend, when mixed it creates an even, creamy mixture that’s easy to apply
  4. 100ml size tube
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The new milk_shake® creative series added to the existing natural, more natural & cold natural series now completes the natural base series to achieve a wider range of colour results:

  • intense and full grey coverage
  • recommended to control and neutralise the base colour
  • neutral-cool tones

Every person has a shade capable of lighting up their features and gaze

milk_shake® creative presents a rich palette of natural shades to cater to customer demands, passing from dominant shades of warmer colours (such as the light in the early hours of dawn or during sunset) to cooler colour shades (such as the neutral light of midday or the dark of night).

cretive colors

All of the milk_shake® creative natural shades are inspired by the chromatic effects of the light at different times of the day and guarantee a warm, cool or neutral result depending on the chosen tonal series.

ms absolute natural7 shades with neutral tones

that guarantee maximum coverage with a full, deep result.
For clients who want a natural, neutral and radiant result.

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Discover the milk_shake® creative natural series:
4 groups of shades for grey coverage for a unique
and customised colour result.

N natural

grey coverage

translucent and natural coverage

chromatic hue

natural and vibrant

recommended to

be mixed with the tonal series without altering the chromatic hue of the shade

coverage for fine and normal hair

NN more natural

grey coverage

intense and rich coverage

chromatic hue


recommended to

create brown effects

give coverage to hair with a medium thickness

N+ absolute natural

grey coverage

full and deep coverage

chromatic hue


recommended to

check the lift base

get neutral or coolneutral effects

give coverage to all hair types

NA cold natural

grey coverage

extremely deep coverage

chromatic hue

ultra cool

recommended to

neutralise dark bases

give coverage to stubborn hair

give coverage to coarse hair

ms creative product

using the concept of molar balancing:

  • avoids unwanted reactions between pigments
  • ensures radiant colour with intense tones
  • increases colour endurance


PARABEN and SLES FREE formulas that contain extremely pure active ingredients

  • milk proteins with a deep conditioning action, they restore the hair’s vitality
  • amino acid complex
  • blueberry extract, gives hair shine
  • wildflower honey, prevents dehydration
  • conditioning and hydrating agents that give manageability
  • sunflower extract with an emollient action
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ms creative conditioningms creative conditioningLIMITLESS COMBINATIONS

Insert your email and download the exclusive TABLE: useful tool that will help you identify all the milk_shake® creative conditioning permanent colour series.

Each developer is enriched
with protective emollient ingredients

milk proteins/ fruit extracts / Integrity 41®

product vol

oxidizing emulsion

5 vol. 1.5%

Recommended to darken or colour-deposit on previously lightened hair. It is the best option for maximum colour deposit.

product vol

oxidizing emulsion

10 vol. 3%

Recommended when darkening or maintaining the same natural base level. It has a gentle lightening strength, lifting up to 1 level. Recommended for re-pigmentation services.

product vol

oxidizing emulsion

20 vol. 6%

Recommended to maintain the same base level for grey coverage and colouring with lift, lifting up to 2 levels.

product vol

oxidizing emulsion

30 vol. 9%

Recommended to colour and to achieve up to 2-3 levels of lift.

product vol

oxidizing emulsion

40 vol. 12%

Recommended when hair requires colouring and lift up to 3-4 levels. This is also the specific emulsion required for the Ultra Blond series.

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