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milk_shake® embodies 
a colour philosophy that gives indisputably
beautiful colour results.

A continuous connection between ethics, aesthetics, technology
and skills to guarantee long-lasting
radiant colour and shine.

premium ingredients that guarantee high performance
milk proteins and fruit extracts with nourishing and strengthening properties

products and techniques that work in synergy to enhance the natural touches of light within the hair
consistent results with intense and radiant colour

colour tones in harmony with skin tone and personality
enhances the tones and features of the face


and beautiful 
hair colour.

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Delicate semi-permanent colour that gives light and vitality to hair colour.

A universe of colour and delicious fragrances: just like a fresh and colourful smoothie, each tube of milk_shake® smoothies is packed with fruit, honey, vanilla or chocolate fragrances and contains precious ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals.

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69 balanced and radiant mixable shades:

  1. 1brighten the hair’s natural base colour
  2. 2give natural and intense colour tones
  3. 3hide those first few grey hairs
  4. 4recommended as a colour touch-up, or to tone or give colour tones to blond or lightened hair
  5. 5create colour contrasts and touches of lustrous colour in the hair

A mix of active ingredients within milk_shake® smoothies
enhances the hair’s natural beauty and protects it

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Milk proteins

With a deep conditioning action, they restore the hair’s vitality.

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Wildflower honey

Protects the hair.

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Integrity 41®

Helps to make colour last longer

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Sunflower oil

Leaves the hair soft and shiny

img amino acid complex

Amino acid complex*

Improves the hair’s appearance, giving it elasticity.
*Keraveg 18

img frutta

Fruit extracts*

Have restorative and emollient properties.
*papaya, strawberry, blueberry and cocoa

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Download the shade
and result table

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Discover the
milk_shake® smoothies oxidizing emulsion,
our specific developers for
perfect colour results.

Each oxidising emulsion is enriched with emollient and protective substances.

MOKA is the colour palette that completes
the milk_shake® smoothies range with a new series of browns

6 shades with .8 tones, recommended for base levels 3 or lighter, to create intense, deep brown shades.

Moka brown is a colour palette that imitates creamy coffee, cappuccino or iced coffee, accentuating colour with neutral or cool tones according to the target shade.


5.8 | 5B

6.88 | 6BB

7.8 | 7B


4.81 | 4BA

6.81 | 6BA

8.81 | 8BA

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