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Does your hair colour look dull and faded?

Hair is constantly under pressure from the harmful effects of pollution, grease, and styling product build-up. The shower water itself can be hard, meaning that the water has a high mineral content, resulting in the build-up of heavy metals on the lengths.

Here’s what you need: milk_shake deep detox shampoo.

A brand new shampoo formulated to remove copper and lead residue and nourish the hair.

The result: hair colour looks radiant and the hair finds its natural splendour.

The results are amazing!


  • 55,5%* of copper and 63,3%* of lead is removed from the lengths

  • 100%** of styling product residue is removed

  • 94%*** of excess grease is removed, restoring the scalp’s healthy balance

*test on strands of human hair – analysis of copper/lead content after washing. **test on strands of human hair – measurement of the diameter of the hair after washing. ***test on 20 individuals – self-assessment/measurement of sebum content after a single application.


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Camellia sinensis

Green tea leaves, packed with vitamins, minerals and other microelements, have an antioxidant and soothing action on the scalp.

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Milk proteins

Give strength and nourishment, and contribute to keeping the hair soft and manageable, avoiding dehydration.

Indulge in the deep detox experience, a delight for your senses that envelops you in a soft cloud of matcha latte.
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