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Sea, sun, heat, wind… in this post we’ll tell you about the new amazing professional treatment to make your hair colour shine again.

We all want it: to come back from our summer holidays looking amazing. That feeling of wellbeing and beauty that makes us smile when we look at ourselves in the mirror and makes us feel more confident when we’re walking down the street. It’s a good feeling, right? Our radiance transpires from our gaze, our more relaxed facial expressions, our golden skin. However, our hair often doesn’t reflect this feeling, because the sun, heat, wind, salt and sand put our hair to the test. No problem…. read on!


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Problem: after the summer holidays hair is damaged because of the decrease in the amount of certain structural components (keratin, proteins and amino acids) which make hair look dull, faded and subject to split ends. The lengths of the hair, where the cuticle is more damaged and weak, is where keratin can split from one moment to the next.

The most common causes of this damage include aggressive chemical treatments, excessive use of heated styling tools, the sun and other environmental factors such as wind, salt….

Solution: you need a strong treatment that supplements the hair, restoring its fundamental components.
To give hair what it needs to be strong and shiny, milk shake® has created the integrity reconstruction system, the clinically tested and innovative in-salon reconstruction service, combined with the milk shake® integrity range to maintain the hair’s health at home, too.

Technology and nature combine.

The z.one concept™ research labs have created a technology that gets the most out of the properties within a plant from the Amazon rainforest (and that’s not all!), a place that represents a marvel of nature, where the traditions of indigenous women have brought to light true beauty wisdom.

milk shake® integrity reconstruction system and milk shake® integrity are the result of the combination of science and nature, creating natural, highly-efficient and concentrated formulas that are capable of restoring the hair’s maximum splendour.


Nature is…. ingenious.

Supreme intelligence and generosity are qualities of nature, which provides very strong active ingredients, such as the ivory-coloured paste obtained from the amazon rainforest plant called muru muru, a luxurious natural emollient and extraordinary remedy to hydrate skin and hair.

Muru muru butter is rich in fats that have a high affinity with keratin and these exclusive phyto-nutrients have a multi-repairing action:
– they increase the cohesion of the scales of keratin, smoothing the surface of the hair,
– they create a film over the cuticle protecting it from external aggressors,
– it makes the cuticle water-proof, avoiding frizz caused by the absorption of humidity.



The secret of z.one concept™ research is in the combination of high-quality ingredients of natural origin rich in active substances, to create a synergy and performance that visibly support the strength and wellbeing of the hair. This combination is what makes hair beautiful, and in the integrity range, the synergy between muru muru butter + amino acid complex, a plant-based keratin with 18 amino acids derived from wheat and soy, is what gives the strengthening and protective actions. A special treatment for healthy, vibrant, lustrous hair.

But that’s not all! The milk shake® reconstruction treatment also contains other active ingredients that increase the nourishing action of the muru muru butter and amino acid complex and perfect the treatment’s efficacy.

They are plant-based oils and butters, hyaluronic acid, hydrolised keratin, milk, rice and soy proteins, and fruit extracts such as strawberry, raspberry, goji berries, papaya, as well as beeswax and vitamin E and essential oils.


A complete system!

In the salon: try the next generation products that act on the core of damaged hair using a special technology that reconstructs the hair in two steps:
Step A – reconstruct the foundations of the hair with milk shake® integrity rebuilder, the intensive reconstruction system for damaged hair,
Step B – seal and compact the cuticle with milk shake® integrity fibre sealant, the nourishing sealing treatment for damaged hair.

To complete this strong treatment, it’s good practice to hydrate and nourish the hair deeply using milk shake® integrity leave in.

In-salon treatments can be customised according to the hair’s health. To reach optimised results, we recommend having a professional treatment once a week for three weeks in a row, and in the meantime, keep taking care of hair at home.

At home: the milk shake® treatments to be used at home include a nourishing shampoo for all hair types, a nourishing butter for a deep treatment before cleansing, a deep nourishing conditioner to apply to clean, damp hair, a deep nourishing mask, a concentrated repairing protein treatment in vials to be applied to hair after shampooing and rinsed out, and finally, a repairing protective oil for damaged hair or split ends that can be sprayed over clean, damp hair before styling.

Do you remember the poem by Martin Luther King that says, “Be the best of whatever you are”? Well, we may not be a famous model, like Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford’s daughter) or Lila Grace (Kate Moss’s daughter), but we can be the best of ourselves, and we can by treating our hair right, because when our hair is soft, shiny and healthy, it represents an important part of our beauty. Happy reconstructing, everyone!