Effective, fragranced, much-loved: our milk, yogurt, papaya and cocoa masks give new life, shine and radiance to your hair. An irresistible and magical hair treatment.

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Take some time for yourself and tell your senses to get ready for a delicious, fragranced experience. A beauty ritual for healthy, shiny hair.

But first, let’s rewind and start from the beginning: there are bad days, we all know that well, but there are also just plain old bad hair days, when we look at ourselves in the mirror and see our hair is dull and lifeless… definitely not the lively and radiant look we were going for.

This can happen for various reasons: aggressive hair treatments and products, lack of hydration, pollution, lifestyle, free-radicals.

Trust nature: a renewable beauty resource.

To tackle this lack of lustre in the hair, milk shake® created the natural care range, inspired by nature, to give the right nourishment to all hair types. Natural care is a “happy family” of fragranced hair masks with plant-based active ingredients and high-quality ingredients of natural origin, carefully selected to be used in complete safety both in the salon and at home.

We’re talking about organic fruit extracts such as strawberry, raspberry and goji with a protective, toning, emollient and conditioning action. The high concentration of vitamin E stimulates the hair, giving it shine and leaving it silky to touch. But that’s not all.

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Hair also needs protein.

We’ve always been told that proteins are the building blocks of our muscles. Hair also needs these blocks to grow healthy, strong and beautiful.
milk shake® natural care contains two types of natural proteins: milk proteins that supplement, protect and condition the hair for maximum nourishment (especially if the hair is particularly dry and damaged); yogurt proteins, a super-food with precious cosmetic properties as it helps to detangle dry or chemically-treated hair, making it shiny.

N.B. Don’t forget the filter!
If we want to protect our hair colour efficiently, as well as keep it silky and shiny, we must use products that contain a UV filter. Otherwise, the aggressive action of UV rays, especially when combined with the summer heat, would quickly fade hair colour.


Discover the best mix for you!

The main feature of the natural care masks is that they can be mixed to create a customised treatment for your hair type. The mix is what activates the beneficial properties within the masks. The ingredients for the mix are as follows: mask base, milk mask, yogurt mask, cocoa mask, papaya mask. The names alone already stimulate our senses, ready to appreciate deliciously fragranced notes… that make your mouth water!

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Discovering ingredients

Our hair treatments must only include top notch ingredients!
mask base is a restructuring fluid with avocado and rice oil, honey and fruit extracts, vitamin E and Integrity 41® which revitalise the hair and protect hair colour over time.
It is the base mask to be mixed with all the powdered masks – milk, yogurt, cocoa and papaya, to create creamy masks that are easy to apply:

  1. milk mask is the concentrated powdered milk mask for dry or damaged hair, making it stronger and thicker.
  2. yogurt mask is the powdered yogurt protein compound for untreated or colour-treated hair that nourishes the hair deeply for long-lasting colour.
  3. cocoa mask is the powdered cocoa compound for normal or coarse, dry hair that nourishes the hair and gives body and shine.
  4. papaya mask is the concentrated powdered papaya mask, for dry or thin hair, that nourishes and revitalises the hair, giving body, softness and shine.

But what if you want more?

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For amazing home treatments, milk shake® has two deep formulas: active milk mask, the restructuring milk mask for dry or damaged hair, which deeply nourishes and strengthens the hair, and active yogurt mask, the conditioning mask with yogurt for natural or colour-treated hair with a brand-new strawberry yogurt fragrance.

These masks are ready to use: just apply them to clean, damp hair and leave on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing and… say hello to amazing hair!