papaya mask

papaya powder compound for fine or dull hair

Concentrated papaya extract powder mask for fine, dry hair. Mixing the papaya powder milk_shake® natural
care papaya mask compound with the milk_shake® natural care mask base concentrates the properties of
papaya leaving hair exceptionally soft, glossy and full of body.


Active ingredients

Papaya extract.

How to use

1 .

pour 60 ml of milk_shake® natural care restructuring base mask into the bowl and add 15 g of milk_shake® natural care papaya powder.

2 .

Mix thoroughly and apply to clean, damp hair. Leave in treatments for 5-10 minutes. Apply heat for deep conditioning.

3 .

Rinse and apply a milk_shake® conditioner for greater manageability.

ms naturalcare 960x1330
papaya mask 1500x1500
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