A slight tan is the best thing for summer 2021: the nude-look and no make-up trends seen on catwalks say so too.

Muru muru

During lockdown we learned to wear less make-up and to take care of our face more, which must be healthy, radiant and well-hydrated. The same care will have to be put in when we expose our skin to the rays of the summer sun … or in other words very soon!

The 2021 make-up trends push towards minimalism and towards very natural effects, such as the “nude-look” which – be careful – does not mean “without makeup” but rather means opting for a make-up look reduced to the essential, where the real the protagonist is the natural luminous look of the skin embellished with a strong line of eyeliner and full lips, often scarlet red.

Going towards summer, the most popular “nude-look” will surely be the one that gives a pleasant and healthy tanned look … the much sought after “sun-kissed” effect!

We can achieve it naturally by exposing our skin to the sun in total safety and protecting it by using products that shield the strongest rays, so as to keep our skin well-hydrated, luminous and supple. So here is a beauty secret for you that has a name that makes us imagine beaches of white sand and crystal-clear water. Can you hear the sound of the sea, too?

We love muru muru!

Muru muru

Funny to pronounce, muru muru is the name for the butter extracted from the seeds of Astrocaryum murumuru, a palm native to the vegetation of the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil. This plant is particularly important for local populations who also derive a good food source from its fruits and use the fibrous parts of the tree to make the typical hammocks known all over the world.

The butter obtained from the seeds is a true elixir of beauty and health, a natural must for those who need to deeply nourish dry, dull, worn and damaged hair from the sun, sea, swimming pool, pollution and atmospheric agents.

The properties of muru muru butter for skin and hair

This butter is an incredible antioxidant thanks to its high concentration of vitamins A and F which allow the skin to remain supple, and deeply repairs dry and damaged hair. It has a high moisturizing power due to the presence of a mix of acids with beneficial virtues (lauric acid, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, capric and caprylic acid). This mix deeply hydrates the skin and keeps hair shiny, even if it is curly, damaged or frizzy. It looks a lot like coconut oil for its nourishing properties but, despite being rich in fats (linoleic and oleic acid), muru muru butter also has a precious sebum-regulating function. This vegetable butter contains proteins similar to those that make up our hair and this creates its effective regenerating action for fragile, weak and dull hair.

Muru muru

A body and hair range filled with sunshine!

To happily and safely expose skin and hair to the sun in total freedom, we have developed sun & more by milk shake®, a complete line with muru muru butter, enriched with vegetable emollients and photostable UVB / sunscreens with a sweet and summery scent that smells of holidays, beautiful things experienced in the open air, mountain walks and dreams made of sand and foamy waves. In addition to muru muru butter, we have taken other beauty secrets from nature, working them to extract the heart of their strength: organic argan oil, hibiscus oil, passion fruit oil, quinoa extract, milk proteins, rice oil, bisabol and vitamin E.

Your best friends this summer

The sun & more line by milk shake® includes sunscreen milk SPF 30 (a high protection sun emulsion for the body with a soft texture that spreads easily on the skin and absorbs quickly), SPF 50+ face cream (a very high sunscreen to protect the delicate skin of the face and  neckline which in addition to protecting, also nourishes due to the presence of a precious illuminating and anti-blemish active), sensual lotion (our moisturizing after-sun milk that compensates for the dehydrating effects of the sea, sun and swimming pool favouring the improvement of brightness, the increase of tone and elasticity and the incredible softness of the skin). A trio of products that help achieve a healthy, safe, long-lasting tan.

And then there’s our beloved wild card, pleasure oil SPF 6, a low-protection moisturizing emollient oil for hair and body, with a silky “dry oil” texture. It is a truly multi-tasking product, because you can use it at the beach or in the pool to protect and hydrate both the body and the hair, and you can also apply it to the skin after a shower to make it soft, supple and hydrated.

Your sun beauty kit is ready. Let yourself be kissed by its rays and enjoy the summer in beauty.