A hair dictionary does exist, here are the words that you should know


From A for ammonia and beyond, here is a manual to learn the lingo or hairstylists and not be left out in the salon.

Dear hairdresser, what language do you speak? Raise your hand if you have ever thought these words while your hairstylist recommended something for your hair. Well, this updated dictionary will help you find your way around what’s new in hair colour and treatments.


Ammonia: is a substance derived from a natural gas, used in many hair dyes to fix colour. It works by swelling the hair and opening the scales, so as to allow the pigments to penetrate into the hair structure.A hair dictionary does exist, here are the words that you should know


Balayage: is the technique that lightens the hair in some points areas, giving a natural but “contrasting” effect. The inspiration comes from the idea of recreating the colour that hair takes when you spend a lot of time at the sea, under the sun.


Colour chart: is the “catalogue” from which you can choose your new hair colour. This is a table conventionally used around the world to indicate the degrees of artificial hair colours. The gradations range from 1 to 10: the more you increase in number, the lighter the colour becomes, therefore the n. 1 is black, while 10 is platinum blond.

Colour sorbet: is an original and exquisite hair service to be performed in the salon for naturally revived colour tones, temporary colour toning and deeply conditioned and soft hair.


Decap: is the treatment that is carried out on already coloured hair to remove the artificial cosmetic pigment without affecting the natural colour. It is used to remove the old colour between one colour service and another.

Dry cut: literally, cutting dry hair. It is a technique that is mainly used to trim long hair or remove split ends, but it is also very useful for curly hair.

Icy Blush: a colouring technique that creates a defining effect with tone-on-tone pastel colours.

Integrity 41®: hydro-glycolic sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols, it protects hair colour and prevents it from fading, increasing manageability and shine.


Keratin: it is the protein of which the hair is made, and represents a fundamental element for the health, strength and elasticity of the hair. It is found in many hair strengthening treatments.


Lifted low lights: a treatment that involves tone-on-tone lightening of very thin locks, to obtain extremely natural shades.

Lightening: is the treatment that removes the hair’s natural colour, lightening it to lighter levels and modifying its structure.

Low lights: is a very natural lightening technique, in which very thin strands are lightened and then toned with the rest of the hair.


Melanin: it is the protein that gives hair its colour. There are two types: eumelanin which determines the darker colours, and pheomelanin which instead determines blond and red colours. Hair colour is generally the result of the combination of the two proteins.

Oils: these are the new ingredients in permanent colors that replace ammonia to activate the oxidation process necessary to dye the hair.


Panel: a colouring technique that gives three-dimensional effects to the hair.

Permanent colour: it is said to be a “definitive” colour for hair. It is applied with oxidant, which develops the hair colour. It covers greys 100% and lifts up to 2 tones.


A hair dictionary does exist, here are the words that you should know

Semi-permanent: or demi-permanent, temporary colour which does not work according to the oxidation process of the hair. In fact, the dyes do not penetrate inside the scales of the hair: this causes the hair to colour on the surface and the colour is washed off after a certain amount of time.

Shine line: is a technique used to lighten the last few centimeters of the tips of the hair.v

Toner: it is a product that is used to give the “right colour tone” to the hair, to intervene on unwanted colour tones, such as too much red or yellow or orange. It is usually used after lightening, but also to remedy any mistakes from previous colours.


Your hair cocktail: the exclusive range of services for beautiful and deliciously scented hair that gives a shiny and natural result. It includes the direct colour cocktail, a temporary colour-toning and conditioning treatment, the direct shine cocktail, a polishing and conditioning treatment, and the argan cocktail, a deep nourishing and polishing treatment.