Papaya mon amour, here’s why your hair will love it


Focus on ingredients: the beneficial properties of papaya for hair, and the recommended haircare products.

Papaya mon amour, here’s why your hair will love it

Colourful, fragranced and delicious, papaya turns our minds to summer, and it also has real benefits for the hair. This fruit, originally from Mexico, which has been documented since Mayan times, is a nourishing natural remedy rich in vitamins and antioxidants that “fill out” the hair from root to tip. But don’t make the mistake of thinking there’s just one type of papaya: there are different varieties used for food and cosmetic purposes, such as Cuban, Hawaiian, Cartagena, Paraguayan, and red papaya. The benefits of the papaya fruit are documented by science and used to take care of skin, hair and the digestive system, as well as to boost mood, given its bright colour and delicious fragrance and taste.

Hoe does papaya invigorate hair? And how can it be used on a daily basis at the hairdresser’s?


Papaya benefits for hair


Papaya, regardless of the variety, is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, therefore the consumption of the fresh fruit is recommended within a balanced diet. The milk_shake® moisture plus range includes a shampoo, conditioner, no rinse whipped cream and moisturising lotion, which also contain organic papaya extract, as well as precious ingredients such as milk proteins that give resistance and strength to the hair fibre.

Soft and shiny hair

This exotic fruit contributes to restoring the natural softness of the hair, with its rich and succulent fleshy texture which gives hair lots of shine. The first step to a hair beauty treatment including papaya is to cleanse the scalp well, massaging the scalp with the fingertips and allowing the shampoo to reach all the parts of the scalp. milk_shake® moisture plus shampoo has a delicate formula and can be lathered evenly over the scalp and all over the hair, too.  


Most women would like to have volume in their hair, but it’s essential that the hair is well-nourished so that it can shine. Hairdressers recommend using products with papaya extract for dry or damaged hair, as it has nourishing and volumizing properties. milk_shake® moisture plus conditioner is a creamy conditioner for dry hair which also contains hyaluronic acid which has a strong hydrating action, plumping up the hair.

Colour protection

Papaya mon amour, here’s why your hair will love it

Such a colourful fruit could only be amazing for hair! Its effect is strengthened when combined with other precious ingredients, such as quinoa proteins, hyaluronic acid, and organic strawberry and goji extracts –  milk_shake® moisture plus whipped cream is packed with all of these. This no rinse foam for dry hair protects hair actively and continuously. The strength of this elixir for hair beauty is given by Integrity 41®, a hydro-glycolic sunflower seed extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols.

So it’s no wonder that any hair type, whether straight, curly, thin or coarse, loves papaya. Hair products with papaya are particularly recommended during the summer, before and after sun exposure, when hair appears to be more dry and damaged.

If you’re looking for haircare products that contain papaya, milk_shake® moisture plus is the range for you. Why is it called “plus”? The added value is given by the rare and precious list of ingredients within the products, and the packaging is also eco-friendly: 50% of each bottle is made of recycled plastic, and the aluminium bottles can be recycled forever. Need we say more? Oh yes, papaya please!