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3 examples of short hair that will show you that this hair length can be very creative, both at home and in the salon.

Hands up if you think that short hair is comfortable and glamorous but doesn’t allow you to play with particular hairstyles. Today’s article gives you practical ideas to give a different twist to short hair.

However, there is an important premise: a lot depends on the cut, because if it is too layered or very short, the perimeter of the achievable hairstyles narrows somewhat. Otherwise … even the pixie cut can be styled in many ways. And so, from time to time, you can create elegant, funny, sparkling, strong, exuberant, romantic or very sweet styles. Here is a plethora of ideas.

SHORT HAIRHow and where to braid short hair

Invited to an outdoor aperitif? Or do want to add a glamorous touch to your video calls with customers, colleagues and suppliers? You can embellish your short cut with braids. In truth, one is enough if you know how to position it elegantly in the right place. Here are a few single braid inspirations for you to try, from the waterfall braid to the fishbone braid.
Wavy, short styles love braids too, even better if on one side to split the wavy effect… with a surprise!

Braids, whether tight or soft and wide, are also popular on cuts with a side undercut, creating an intriguing yin and yang effect: the masculine nuance is combined with a decidedly romantic and feminine touch.



Bun on the nape and short bobs

Of course, you can also do a bun, provided that your pixie cut has grown out a little to become a bob (it must reach the ears or just over the shoulders, just to be clear about the minimum size required).

Thanks to the limited volume of hair, you can make an updo with a very natural effect. Just create curls using a curling iron and then secure each curl with bobby pins in such a way as to create a soft bun. A marvel of simple elegance.

Do you want a beauty secret? To give more volume to the hairstyle, lightly tease each curl before fixing it.

Updos with accessories


Headbands, hair bands, barrettes, jewel clips and combs are wonderful friends for short hair, because in addition to keeping the hairstyle in place, they add a touch of distinctiveness to the look and allow you to reinvent yourself every day.