direct shine cocktail

conditioning and shine-enhancing treatment

A shine-enhancing and conditioning service that combines milk_shake® whipped cream with the clear shade from direct colour for a natural and incredibly radiant look. It illuminates the natural or cosmetic colour of hair without modifying it. Dedicated to clients who want a shine-enhancing and conditioning treatment with a “mirror-effect” on the hair.

Active ingredients

Milk proteins, shea butter, argan oil and the exclusive Integrity 41® antioxidant complex (hydroglycolic sunflower extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols) for better colour stability and an immediate conditioning effect. IT IS COMPLETELYAMMONIA-FREE AND DOES NOT REQUIRE THE USE OF OXIDANTS.

How to use

1 .

Decorate the glass with the desired milk_shake® direct colour clear and then fill the glass with milk_shake® whipped cream.

2 .

Blend and apply to clean, damp hair with delicate and pleasant gestures. Leave in treatments for about 10 minutes.

3 .

Rinse and proceed with the desired style.

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