Brown hair that’s never dull! The charm of Mediterranean hair colours.


How to enhance all shades of brown, when to lighten and when to blend, all the best products for people with dark hair.

Brown hair is one of the most popular shades in the Mediterranean area, a true status symbol of Italian women. But how can you show-off brown hair, and how do you choose the right shade for your complexion? In fact, brown hair can often appear dull, matte, especially in certain periods of the year, such as the summer season, because the sun, the sea and chlorine fade dark tones. No fear! Here we recommend the best strategies to keep your brown hair shiny.

Brown hair, dark complexion, dark eyes.

You have naturally dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin. Great, you are a beautiful Mediterranean woman. To give light to the hair and face, we recommend caramel, intense coffee, dark chocolate or even plum tones.

On the other hand, it’s an absolute no to bleaching, which stresses the hair too much and makes it lose its elasticity. Yes to shampoos and conditioners that enhance the colour of the hair.

Brown hair, fair complexion, light eye colour.

Rosy skin, blue or green eyes and light brown hair. It is necessary to enhance the natural honey shades and give character to the face. The shades for brown hair that are suitable for you are: chestnut or hazelnut, the undertones of amber and gold, and finally the coppery tones.

It often happens that brown hair is seen as being “trivial”, or too simple. Nothing could be more wrong: chocolate hair can take on great charm thanks to the tones of the shaded colour, but also with the right cut. The haircuts to enhance dark hair, in all shades, are undoubtedly bold bobs, long bobs and shaded pixie cuts (perfect here with lighter tones on the tips).

Brown hair, porcelain skin, dark eyes.

The ideal brown tone for women with a diaphanous complexion is dark. Yes, because the very light skin combined with very dark hair gives a captivating contrast to the face, making it interesting and feminine. Better to avoid red tones of copper, mahogany or caramel. The dark brown enhances cold complexions to perfection, so it’s a green light for all the more intense brown shades: dark chocolate, mocha, broux and in some cases purple tones.

In short, never a dull moment with brown hair! After all, it’s a safe colour worn by many stars, such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz… And the plus is that brown shades last longer than blond or red shades. Beautiful, practical, timeless: long live brown hair!