Love is in the (h)air! Romantic hairdos for Valentine’s day


How to create hairstyles suitable for romantic looks to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Braids, waves, buns: romantic hairstyles are united by a single stylistic code, which we could summarize in the word softness. Softness, curves and delicate lines create an iconographic romantic image. In the era of Romanticism, female hair was a riot of curls, because rounded shapes were considered an attribute of beauty. But let’s also think of Botticelli’s Venus and her long golden hair: beautiful harmonious waves that fly in the wind and that evoke a feminine and romantic image.

In short, although straight hair emanates a très chic allure, wavy and curly hair is more suitable for a romantic occasion. Here we present the perfect Valentine’s Day hairstyles to enhance your natural charm.

Romantic hairdos for Valentine’s day: the soft side braid.

Braids are loved by every woman: we wore them all as little girls, and we also adore them as adults. It must be because of their versatility: so simple, so comfortable and also so elegant. If you don’t know how to style your hair for a Valentine’s Day date, if you don’t have a lot of time and you don’t feel capable of creating the most elaborate hairstyles, don’t worry: go for a soft (indeed very soft) side braid. Et voilà.

The concept ™ expert’s advice: for an even softer and lighter effect, leave the fringe free, do not include it in the braid. And finally, tousle a few small locks of hair behind and near the temples: the face will be framed in a natural and delicate look.

Romantic hairdos for Valentine’s day:  the low messy bun.

For a candlelit dinner: a touch of lipstick, a low and soft bun and your favourite perfume. You don’t need anything else to seduce your partner. The low bun with a dishevelled effect is a timeless romantic hairstyle, and transcends trends and fashion. It can be worn with a side quiff, bangs or a fringe, and it looks really good on any face shape.

How to make a low and dishevelled bun: the strands are arranged randomly with the help of a few hairpins or small clips, the front ones are left free to better frame the face. If you have very long hair, you can also use an elastic for the front, but remember that the winning effect is natural, as if you had tied your hair without thinking about it too much. After all, spontaneity is very romantic.

Romantic hairdos for Valentine’s day: loose wavy hair and a centre parting.

Who said that a romantic hairstyle is only worn up? Soft waves left free on the shoulders are an excellent solution for a first date or Valentine’s Day dinner. Loose and wavy hair is a clear sign of femininity: it seems to say “I am like this, sincere and free. Love me!”.

Especially if you have long hair beyond the shoulders, we recommend that you opt for this simple and effective hairstyle, because your hair will surely look amazing. Dab wet hair with a cotton towel, use a detangling and illuminating spray, then give it a first blow-dry. You can create soft waves with either a hairdryer and a rounded brush (remember not to pull the hair too much, to avoid breakage) or with straighteners with a wide base plate. Whatever your preference, switch from larger strands behind the nape to smaller strands in front, sliding the hair down through the straightener or wrapping it around the iron.

The concept ™ expert tip: part the hair in the middle rather than at the side. It is a much less obvious choice and one that will allow “your Valentine” to focus on your gaze.

Romantic hairdos for Valentine’s day: updo with a crown braid.

If you are undecided between braids and buns, opt for both! A feminine and vaguely retro hairstyle is the one that sees the face framed by a crown braid, and an ultra-soft and full bun, kept low and central. This is certainly a more elaborate hairstyle, suitable for those with a certain manual ability, but if you don’t feel prepared enough, don’t despair, we will give you the right advice.

Take a medium sized strand (about 2-3 centimetres) from the right side of the face, and start making a small braid. As you go forward, insert portions of hair into the braid that follow the contour of the head, up to the opposite side. Secure the braid at the back of the neck with bobby pins. Now let’s move on to the bun – or chignon. Divide your hair into three large sections, then twist the first one around the third, and pull the second in the middle. Using a pointed comb, tuck your hair well in the middle, then take all the strands back and join them together by wrapping them around this bun. Close the hairstyle with bobby pins or small clips. The effect must be soft, so if some locks “escape”, leave them loose.

Romantic hairdos for Valentine’s day: a half-updo with ponytail.

If you are not the type for braids or buns, but still want to collect your hair, you can be inspired by a very simple and very fashionable hairstyle, which even the Duchess of Cambridge showed off on public occasions. A small ponytail that collects only a portion of hair, freeing the face, and soft natural waves. Very easy, fast and very effective. Do not tighten the elastic too much, let the semi-ponytail be just hinted at, soft and not pulled.

The concept ™ expert tip: you can enrich your romantic semi-collected hairstyle with a refined elastic, such as a velvet, satin or taffeta scrunchie. Or add a flower to crown the little ponytail.

Romantic hairdos for Valentine’s day: the fishtail braid.

If you have very long hair, the ideal Valentine’s Day hairstyle is a fishtail braid (or herringbone braid). Elegant, refined, suitable for longer and fuller hair. You can wear it central or to one side, but always soft and almost dishevelled.

How to make the fishtail braid. First, carefully comb your hair, it is important that there are no knots. To make it easier for you, we recommend that you gather your hair in a ponytail (high, low or sideways). Divide this ponytail into two parts: from the right side take a small lock and pass it over the main one. Now join it to the left strand. Follow the same procedure on the left side of the lock: take a small lock from the outside and bring it over the part of hair from which you took it, to join it with the large right lock.

The concept ™ expert’s advice: once the braid is finished, extract a few small strands with your fingers, soften it by messing it up. If you have a side fringe, put a dab of illuminating hair oil in the palm of your hands, and gently pat the portion of hair around the nape of the neck, in order to make it softer and romantic.

Happy Valentine’s!