How to choose the right hairdresser (and keep them for life)?


A quick guide to the signs that make you understand that you have found your hair’s soul mate.

Half artist, half craftsman, always patient and, if necessary, with a dash of comforting psychologist skills … The hairdresser is all this and much more. That’s why the question on how to choose the right hairdresser is a far from trivial! It’s not always possible to have the good fortune of “inheriting” your mother’s hairdresser, so it may be that you have to go around different salons before you find that magic spark. However, there are some signs that can help you recognize it, without a shadow of a doubt.

From the first time you step into the salon, you immediately feel at ease, as if you were “at home”. You feel in tune with the environment, you are happy to return the smiles that are shone your way and you don’t hold back if someone wants to chat. This is an important detail that should not be overlooked.

When you go back to the salon for the second, third, fourth time, you are intrigued by the hair products that are used in the salon and you want to discover all the services they offer, as well as colours, cuts and styles. You may not try them all, but you are curious about the hairdresser’s work and everything they could do to improve the health and appearance of your hair even more.

When wondering how to choose the right hairdresser, pay attention to your feelings. If you have found “the one”, you’ll understand it from their touch, from their kindness: it is not a question of simple politeness or marketing strategies, but of true empathy that immediately stirs between you.

You also like their staff. Precisely because you trust your hairdresser you know that they choose very good staff, so if for once they aren’t there and cannot perform their magical cut, you are sure that even the staff who work with them will make you look beautiful.

When you go to the wash unit, your hairdresser or their staff, will massage your scalp just the way you like it to ensure that you relax, and for a few minutes you feel as though you’re in another world. Because it is important to feel pampered and relaxed when you go to the hairdresser.

They use quality hair products specific to your needs. From the very first time they understand what you and your hair need and always remember the products and treatments to do just for you.

They listen discreetly, they understand when you want to hear some chit-chat and news from them (and they know how say it clearly), and when they should simply remain silent instead.

They have a positive attitude, they always see the glass half full, and since good humour is contagious, going to the salon not only makes you more beautiful but also puts you in a good mood. Another important sign that you’ve chosen the right hairdresser.

They have figured out how to enhance your hair and your face. When you bring them the photo of the celeb of the moment, they know how to make you unique by adapting the cut or colour you want to show off to your features.

They are sincere, patient, and in their salon, they know how to make you feel pampered. They are always ready to offer a coffee or a cold drink, a manicure if necessary, and you often meet other nice customers to broaden your acquaintances.