Take note: strengthen your hair, because it is always the right thing to do


How can you strengthen your hair when it appears weak and damaged? Damage can happen for several reasons, for example with the change of season, or during a particularly stressful time when we may have even neglected our hair a little … To remedy this, we need to start taking care of it by treating it gently – which means limiting exposure to heated styling tools, avoiding keeping it tied for long periods of time and too tightly, limiting “stressful” treatments – to then apply more targeted strategies in your haircare routine, and beyond.

What can you eat to strengthen your hair?

A varied and balanced diet is important for the wellbeing of the whole body, from your toes to the roots of your hair. Hair has its superfoods too, foods with beneficial properties that seem to be made specifically to strengthen the hair. Cereals such as millet and brown rice, rich in vitamins, folic acid and biotin, but also legumes and spinach for their high iron and protein content. Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are among the seed oils richest in copper, selenium and zinc, considered to be some of the most useful minerals for strengthening hair. As for fruit and vegetables, citrus fruits, rich in vitamins C and A, keep hair hydrated, even during the winter, as well as blueberries, which are antioxidant and stimulate circulation. Avocado is good for the hair both as an omega 3 “supplement” in the diet, and as an ingredient for DIY masks and packs to strengthen hair.

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Strengthen the hair by massaging the scalp.

A good scalp massage is not only a pleasant and relaxing moment to dedicate to yourself but is also very useful to stimulate blood microcirculation of the scalp, and therefore to strengthen the hair. If there are no particular issues in the scalp, the massage can be done simply by putting slight pressure with delicate circular movements with the fingertips, spreading and squeezing the fingers, proceeding from the nape to the forehead, for a few minutes. If the hair is dry or the scalp is flaky, you can use this moment of massage to apply a nourishing oil such as argan oil by putting a few drops on your fingers before starting.

Which products strengthen the hair?

Haircare products play a key role. From shampoo to styling, it is necessary to choose formulas designed to nourish the hair and strengthen its structure. Natural oils such as Argan are among the most effective ingredients for this purpose.

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Does cutting your hair really make it stronger?

When hair appears weak and brittle, giving it a cut is always one of the first solutions you think of to strengthen your hair, but does it affect the hair’s health? It seems that this is a false myth, fuelled by the fact that freshly cut hair appears stronger and thicker, having removed the part of the hair that, by nature, is thinner and weaker. In the case of split ends or very damaged lengths, this optical illusion will be even more evident after cutting the hair. In reality, however, cutting the ends of the hair (which has exhausted its vital phase) does not affect its growth cycle, which starts from the follicle and is mainly genetic.