Let’s shine


Remove the “add light” filter from your smartphone – there’s a new professional hair colour treatment with a natural effect that gives intense shine whilst taking care of hair.  

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Get ready girls! Look in the mirror, look at your reflection, take a selfie to send to your friends as a before/after series and then let your hair be rewarded with the gloss colour, the new professional colour treatment by milk_shake® that gives fantastic shine and strong hair that’s soft and full of life.

Close your eyes and imagine: you are kissed by the sunshine that naturally enhances your hair and lights up your face, wherever you may be, even when the sun isn’t shining. Great, right?

An innovative treatment

There are three magic words that open the doors of this new beauty formula: demi hybrid system. It’s an innovative demi colouring treatment with an acidic pH that’s in oil form that tones and enhances colour tones in the hair for radiant colour that lasts longer, whilst its ammonia-free formula also takes care of the hair without lightening it and without modifying its structure. It actually makes hair healthier.
From today you can count on a colouring and shine-enhancing treatment which, in addition to enhancing colour tones and making hair colour absolutely perfect, it leaves the hair healthy, soft, smooth and bright.

Why is it different compared to a traditional semi-permanent ammonia free colour?

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The innovation is within the acidic pH which makes is it ideal for porous or damaged hair where colour-fading tends to happen more quickly. After each application the hair’s structure visibly improves and it can be seen and felt in the hair.

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We want to know all the advantages:

  1. gives colour tones without making any changes to the natural colour and structure of the hair
  2. improves the condition of porous or chemically-treated hair
  3. tones and corrects colour-treated and bleached hair
  4. masks up to 50% of greys
  5. lasts for 15-20 washes

How many shades are available?

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Are 30 shades enough to satisfy all your colouring needs? Yup? In truth, we went further, because you can add 18 blends that are the mix between milk_shake® the gloss colour and milk_shake® illuminate pure pigments, for maximum customisation with extremely high-definition colour results.

Now we want to know what’s in it:

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  • Hyper-fermented prickly pear extract with a high concentration of bioactive compounds with extraordinary antioxidant strength. The cutting-edge green technology of hyper-fermentation applied to prickly pears results in an enhanced phyto-complex with an increase in antioxidant power equal to + 60%. The hair cuticle is more protected, so it resists external aggressions better and retains its integrity and an intense and shiny colour for longer.
  • Amino acid complex, the exclusive complex of plant amino acids derived from wheat and soy, which gives the hair the natural keratin components essential for the integrity, strength and resistance of the protein chain that has greater resistance to stresses due to internal and external stress factors.
  • Organic blueberry extract that nourishes the hair giving it precious phyto-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with protective, toning and emollient benefits.
  • Sunflower seed oil extracted from the seeds through pressing, a natural emollient recognised for its nourishing and protective action as well as its antioxidant vitamin E content.

Thank goodness for milk_shake® the gloss colour! It’s time to shine girls!