Want hair colour with rich colour tones?

Discover milk_shake® the gloss colour!

The brand new ammonia-free oil-based acidic hair colour!

A treatment for hair full of colour and shine that gives hair a healthy appearance and natural-looking colour tones, for perfect hair colour.

It’s not just colour, it’s a treatment that nourishes and conditions the hair with its naturally-derived ingredients, making hair more and more beautiful with each application, for perfect hair colour and healthy, glossy hair.

Our choice of specific ingredients for
milk_shake® the gloss colour:

/ hyper-fermented prickly pear extract

rich in concentrated antioxidants obtained from fruits of Italian origin. The green cutting-edge technology of hyper-fermentation applied to the prickly pear results in an enhanced phyto-complex. This makes it as natural as possible as well as safe, but also sustainable, because we recover parts of the fruit that would otherwise be lost.

/ amino acid complex

an exclusive plant amino acid complex derived from wheat and soy, which restores the natural components of keratin in the hair, for strong, shiny and soft hair.

/ organic blueberry extract

nourishes scalp and hair, supplying phytonutrients with precious protective, toning and emollient properties, for shiny, healthy hair.

/ sunflower seed oil

wraps the hair like a veil, strengthening the cuticle and restoring shine in dry and damaged hair.

/ tones without modifying the natural hair colour
/ improves the condition of damaged hair
/ boosts colour-treated hair and lightened hair, giving the desired colour tone result
/ hides greys up to 50%
/ lasts 15-20 washes

Is different to a traditional ammonia-free semi-permanent colour because its acidic pH guarantees a shiny and long-lasting final effect on the hair.

milk_shake® the gloss colour is a product suitable for those who want to approach the world of colouring; those with natural, untreated hair that do not want to change its colour, but only give it extreme shine and conditioning; those with colour-treated hair that want to keep an intense colour tone; those who lighten their hair and need to correct or enhance a colour tone. The synergy with other products from the milk_shake® line allows the gloss colour to create new services that give shine and enhance all hair types.

Ask for the most suitable service for your hair:

colour gloss

to tone, modify or intensify the colour tones of colour-treated or lightened hair.

hd shine

enhances natural, untreated hair or colour-treated hair, giving intense shine without adding colour.

gloss and colour

the synergy with milk_shake®smoothies gives grey coverage for a complete colour treatment that’s also ammonia-free.

hd colour

for intense and customised hair colour.