Much more than just an extract: daisies and their benefits.


During the health crisis of 2020, we chose the daisy as a symbol of friendship, love and resilience, in honour of all those people who faced the unprecedented difficulties of the past year and who, despite this, have been able to renew and reinvent themselves. When the weather turns bad, daisies recoil and close their corolla as if to turn to their internal resources, only to rise again in the direction of the sun when conditions improve. The simplicity, adaptability, strength and joy of this flower help us find our smile and illustrate the physical, mental and emotional journey undertaken by all those who have rolled up their sleeves and started again, every day, with a strong and optimistic outlook.

It may look dainty, but it’s stronger than you think.

immagini articolo 1120x960 1A wild perennial plant that blooms in full sun from March to October, the white daisy (Bellis perennis) is native to Eurasia, spreading to the Americas with the first European settlers, and is now found almost everywhere. Strong and resistant, it grows in grassy fields subject to early spring frosts as well as in arid lands where it can tolerate the stress of intense heat, knowing how to recover and survive with grace in adverse circumstances.

The use of the daisy flower for human well-being and health dates back to ancient times, and popular wisdom has contributed significantly to the knowledge of its therapeutic uses. Science, in support of nature, has done the rest, discovering its enormous biological potential and possible cosmetic use.

When nature and innovation combine.

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Daisy flowers deserve attention by virtue of their active ingredient content such as resins, tannins, essential oils, saponins capable of promoting the synthesis of collagen in the skin, and antioxidant polyphenols and flavonoids, which have very important protective effects on important biological cellular components (DNA, proteins, membrane lipids), counteracting the free radicals responsible for cell damage linked to premature aging, the onset of persistent inflammatory states and the development of physio-pathological and clinical disorders of various kinds and degrees.

Given these exceptional characteristics, we have chosen to celebrate and infuse all the benefits of the daisy in milk_shake® 9 minutes, our conditioning permanent hair colouring cream that works in just 9 minutes. But not with just any daisy extract: our formulas are the first and only ones to contain the innovative hyper-fermented daisy extract, developed as a worldwide exclusive for concept™ using a patented process. State-of-the-art green production technology combines enzymatic bio-liquefaction and fermentation to release the maximum amount of the active ingredients naturally contained in the plant and also make the otherwise inert cellulose fruitful. The result is the enhancement of the phyto-complex with the development of new antioxidant systems, vitamins, amino acids and proteins, embodied within an innovative plant extract with extraordinary antioxidant properties.

The advantages of hyper-fermented daisy extract are very exclusive.

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With the special double contribution of ingredients of natural origin combined with innovation, hyper-fermented daisy extract offers unparalleled opportunities:

  • reliability – nature offers us a plant, the daisy, that varies little during the year, therefore its natural active substance content is constant during the entire flowering season and does not vary according to the time of harvest;
  • respect for the earth – the daisies are collected in meadows where they grow spontaneously and there is no risk of impoverishment of the soil, always taking care that human intervention does not create a significant impact on the soil;
  • higher concentration of active ingredients – the hyper-fermentation treatment applied to the daisy increases the protein amino acid content by 176% and increases the antioxidant power of the extract by increasing the amount of polyphenols by 28%, and in particular flavonoids by 24%;
  • sustainability – with the transformation of the inert fibre of the phyto-complex into active ingredients, plant components that would otherwise be lost are recovered and enhanced, with the double advantage of a higher yield and a more sustainable use of the plant raw material;
  • safety – the high safety profile of the extract is guaranteed not only by the intrinsic safety of the daisy but also by the supervision of the laboratory in the various processing steps under rigorously controlled conditions and by strict quality controls at every stage of production.


The daisy for a better future.

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We selected the daisy because it is genuine and joyful, beautiful and strong, but also as it is an emblem of the latest generation of ingredients, and further confirms the future we want to continue to create: a future in which nature and science are scaled back to their essence and at the at the same time cooperate whilst respecting the environment, making use of modern technologies that are capable of enhancing and making what nature has to offer more readily available for the well-being and health of the scalp and hair.


  • a symbol of friendship, love, resilience: with the daisy we pay homage to all people who, despite difficulties, know how to renew themselves;
  • the hyper-fermented daisy extract is the new and innovative antioxidant developed exclusively for concept™;
  • reliability, respect for the earth, greater concentration of assets, sustainability and safety are its main benefits, an emblem of the spirit with which we look towards the future.