Golden honey blond


Warm and beautiful, honey golden hair is delicious to look at and catches the light, but requires love&kindness to keep it looking beautiful.

Pleased to meet you! Honey gold is one of the key hair colour trends for 2021. After years of seeing the “cold side of blond”, now we want warm tones and delicious honey tones give us what we want. “Honey blond” gives a touch of light that radiates through the hair, as if trapping sunlight within the hair. A beautiful, heart-warming and positive image that softens these harsh times of distances and missing embraces.

milk_shake® honey blond

Celebrities who love honey blond hair

Hailey Baldwin, model and daughter of famous actor Alec, face of brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Guess, as well as trend-setting beauty guru, chose a honey blond shade to sweeten her gaze and features. Princess Kate Middleton also briefly succumbed to the honey blond trend, to then move on to delicious and intense caramel shades. Chiara Ferragni spent her second pregnancy embraced by golden hues in her hair, and then….  J-Lo, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, how many other celebs embraced the romanticism of this shade? Jennifer Aniston’s golden blond as Rachel in Friends started off a trend, the Rachel blond, which continues to be requested to this day. Its success is in the fact that it’s a multidimensional colour, multifaceted, with rich colour tones create through the knowledgeable combination of different blond shades.

milk_shake® honey blond

Colour techniques for customised honey blonds

Honey blond is a great base on which to create super chic colour effects. Chunky lightened areas around the face (which are evident and large lightened strands when compared to the base colour), or slight balayage with a natural effect, with lighter ends and darker roots, or copper tones, or intense tones. Honey shades have lots of variety which makes them very desirable, going from the lightest tones of pale acacia honey right down to richer and darker tones of chestnut honey.

Shine and versatilitymilk_shake® honey blond

The greatest quality of these natural blond shades is that they are glamorous on any haircut. They really enhance medium or long hairstyles, particularly wavy styles (such a beach waves) because they enhance their poetic features, but pixie cuts all benefit from a sun-kissed look.

Honey blond enhances the face, even for olive complexions (right Beyoncé?), showing off the face’s features and giving personality to seemingly plain visages. Light hair with honey tones is a symbol of femininity and seduction. Marilyn Monroe wrote “love me for my blond hair alone” in her famous letter to Norman Rosten.

Beauty tips for honey blond hair

Here’s a portrait of summer: sun, sea and honey blond hair in the breeze. To give credit to this super warm colour, it’s important to maintain its shine and radiance. The milk_shake® sweet camomile range was created to enhance these two aspects of these shades. The range includes a shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner, and each product contains organic camomile extract with softening and shine-enhancing properties, as well as organic honey with nourishing properties. The complete list of active ingredients includes apricot extract, aloe vera juice, Integrity 41® (hydro-glycolic sunflower extract rich in antioxidant polyphenols), and papaya extract.milk_shake® honey blond

So even if at home, you can cleanse your blond hair gently, soften it and gently detangle it, making it silky and shiny.

So, when the sun (and restrictions!) finally releases our desire to go to the pool or seaside, a touch of silky milk_shake® pleasure oil SPF 6 will take care of your honey blond hair, as it contains UVB/UVA filters and has a nourishing and emollient action due to organic argan, hibiscus and passion fruit oils.

Our products are pure sunshine, because we believe that everyone deserves to be kissed by the sun every day to remember how sunny they are inside.