Everything you should know to choose the hair colour that best suits your face


Red, blond or brown hair: which colour suits you? Here’s how to find out.

The desire to change hair colour and the fear of not being satisfied with the result often go hand in hand, because hair colour is part of who we are, and is an important part of our appearance.  How to choose the right hair colour is far from trivial, and the answer should take into account several factors. The first aspects to evaluate are skin tone and eye colour in order to create an overall harmonious look, but to do this it is also a good idea to evaluate your favourite shades for your make-up and wardrobe. The type of cut and the hairstyles you usually wear are other elements to consider when choosing your hair colour so that you can be happy with your new look.

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Red hair, does it suit you?

Red is the rarest of natural hair colours, and perhaps for this reason its many tones are among the most requested colours by those who want to change their hairlook. Who looks best with red hair? Light auburn shades, more like natural tones, require porcelain light and pink complexions, but can blend well with light eyes as well as hazel eyes. Dark red hair, from mahogany to aubergine, is easier to wear, and also looks good on darker complexions and creates really interesting contrasts with blue or green eyes. What make-up is best with red hair? Purple is a colour that looks good on redheads, as well as shades ranging from brown to bronze, depending on eye colour. As for cuts and hairstyles, red hair is best worn with classic simplicity. Choose red if you love bob cuts or long or layered styles, and hair worn loose or gathered in a ponytail or bun.

Brown hair, does it suit you?

Brown shades are the most common among natural colours in Mediterranean countries like ours. Brown hair in darker shades, from chocolate to coffee, particularly lends itself to dark and olive complexions, but can also create very successful looks for porcelain complexions, and enhance blue or green eyes as well as dark eyes. Light brown and its warm shades, such as honey and caramel, suit an amber or golden complexion. Finally, auburn tones on brown hair require a light skin tone with a peach undertone. How should brunettes do their make-up?
The ideal palette includes shades of plum, purple, midnight blue and brown, and lipsticks ranging from pink to scarlet. As for the hairstyle, brown hair gives great freedom: long flowing locks emphasize the classic Mediterranean charm, the bob makes a modern look, and short cuts become rock ‘n’ roll and decisive.

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Blond hair, does it suit you?

Do men prefer blonds? Women love to have blond hair and in fact all the colours ranging from platinum blond to honey gold are very popular in salons, as well as treatments to lighten hair. How to choose the most suitable shade? The easiest to wear are the darker shades, which enhance anyone’s look and are easy to play around with, with dark roots to harmonize better with the complexion, as well as honey blond, with a chic and natural effect. Ash blond is a very popular shade, also because it is particularly suitable for grey coverage, but requires a light complexion and eye colour to create a harmonious look. The ideal make-up for blonds? Eye shadows in shades ranging from pink to purple, or blue shades, but it depends on the colour of the eyes: you can enhance blue eyes with warm tones of orange and bronze, while for brown eyes the choice ranges from shades of blue and brown (which wouldn’t work so well on brunettes with brown eyes), and forest green. Blond hair is, by its nature, the richest in shades, to be enhances with medium and long cuts, and with semi-updos or braids.