Wavy, curly, very curly: different short styles which were seen on the 2021 catwalks whisper of beauty secrets to use at home.

You know it better than we do: curly hair is beautiful but when we take a seat in the chair in the salon our hairdresser seems to think that the only solution for culy hair is “let’s give it a little trim”, or maybe “let’s layer it a bit”. That’s why having curly hair is often a love/hate relationship  without considering the fact that just a little drop of rain creates a frizzy mess.

The reason for this is the following: if I, a beautiful curly-haired lady, want to cut my hair, the curls come alive, become even curlier, fluff up, and my head becomes like a lion’s mane. Otherwise, I will end up emptying out the volume and thinning it out completely. In both cases… no, thanks.

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Rules for beautiful curly hair

Rule number 1: we aren’t forced to straighten our hair at all costs, with the risk of damaging our hair. We can keep our natural curls but have to take care of them carefully with products that keep curls hydrated, nourished, bouncy and protected from frizz, which makes us look scruffy and unsophisticated.

Rule number 2: ask an expert hairstylist who knows all the secrets of curly hair and can identify the way it reacts to humidity, sun, and frizz, and different ways of treating it, ways which are thankfully in constant evolution!

To identify our “magic cut”, the hairdresser will consider two important factors: the shape of the face and the structure of the curls, which can be wavy or in ringlets, all the way to tight afro curls.

Curly hair cuts for versatile looks

2021 short haircuts dedicated to wavy, curly or very curly hair are all targeted at volume and the ability to enhance the natural rebellious effect of wavy hair. We aren’t talking about excessive looks but the ability to be a rebel but with poise, grace and style.
On catwalks we have seen a modern version of the cherub, a short curly style with an angelic mood which is in contrast – but in a good way – with more edgy outfits. Wild and unkempt looks are back too, made livelier with asymmetrical layers, large romantic hairstyles, ideal to give volume to fine hair, and the Mullet, which takes us back to the golden days of ‘80’s rocks stars, and the buzz cut, the very short curly style, almost to the skin, which gives freshness to the face. And then, the much-loved curly bob, because who said that only women with straight hair can cut their hair into a bob? The curly bob is sexy and trendy.

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Fringes go with curls, too

2021 spring summer trends play with movement: that’s why short and unkempt styles and wavy fringes will be very trendy. Women need to feel light and carefree, and need to rediscover a more sensual and frivolous aspect of their personality. The catwalks create lively and bold female identities, with short or long fringes that are natural, wavy, curly, explosive. At the most, a slight wet look is allowed, created with gel.

Advice for soft, frizz-free curls

For us, curly hair should be declared as being a “world heritage”, a protected species to be admired and taken care of with the right products. milk_shake® curl passion was created to reveal the natural beauty of curly hair that tends to get dry, frizzy and weak very easily.

1st step: how to wash curly hair

Curly hair loves to be nourished, so it needs dedicated products for its structure. Never choose shampoos for all hair types. milk_shake® curl passion shampoo cleanses and conditions hair deeply, leaving hair soft and easy to manage. Its paraben free and sls free formula makes curly hair bouncy for longer, counteracting frizz with hyaluronic acid, apple, peach and grapefruit extracts, and sorbitol. It contains organic pracaxi and babassu oils, milk proteins, fruit extracts and Integrity 41® (hydroglycolic sunflower extract, rich in antioxidant polyphenols) and quinoa proteins.

2nd step: how to hydrate curly hair

It’s not just any conditioner you need, but rather formulas that give real hydration to the hair. milk_shake® curl passion conditioner softens and gives manageability to hair with its rich formula with exclusive active ingredients: UV filters, Integrity 41®, shea butter, milk proteins, lemon extract, panthenol, quinoa proteins, vitamin E, vitamin E derivative, organic apple extract, organic blueberry extract, organic babassu oil, organic pracaxi oil. Just leave it on for a few minutes, rise out, and it’s done!
For those of you who are multi-tasking 4.0, we created milk_shake® curl passion leave in, da quick and easy product to use: it can be applied to clean, damp hair, and then the hair can be styled as usual.

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3rd step: how to make curly hair sublime

Those who want an extra beauty step can refine their look by choosing high quality styling products capable of defining curls, giving them support and elasticity. milk_shake® curl perfectionist is a modelling cream for curly hair that gives shape, softness and shine, defeating frizz and intensifying the natural texture of curly hair. It is applied to clean, damp hair before styling. For those who love more fluid formulations we have dedicated milk_shake® curl shaper, a modelling fluid that defines and separates curls and perfects soft waves. Its special formulation with sunflower oil, jojoba oil, milk proteins, panthenol, quinoa proteins, chestnut extract, organic apple extract, organic lemon extract and organic blueberry extracts banishes frizz, whilst giving shine and colour protection.

Curls are magical, intriguing and capable of giving character to every face and every outfit. Each curl type has its own story, like every woman, after all. Let’s take care of our curls together!