Braids, new inspiration for a timeless love.


From ceremonies to the most casual occasions, braided hairlooks are always a good choice – here you will find some advice on how to create them, such as classic, French, or fishtail braids…

Braids galore! Classic or fishtail, Dutch or French … braided hairstyles can be reinvented in a thousand ways and, for this reason, they never go out of style. If the classic braid is a passepartout for more casual occasions, the French and Dutch braids have a timeless charm, while the fishtail braid is more glamorous and fashionable. In short, there are hairstyles for hair with braids suitable for every look and every occasion, from the most casual to the most important ceremonies. In general, however, a successful hairstyle requires long hair without too many layers, and thick enough hair to give volume to the braids. If the hair is medium or short, with a little creativity you can still create hairstyles with beautiful and original braids. If, on the other hand, the hair is fine, it should be treated with texturizing products to give body to the lengths.

We love them so much that we have dedicated a special place in our salons to braids: the milk_shake® braid bar, with a menu of hairstyles that can be created in 15-35 minutes by specialized hairstylists. If you love braids too, you won’t be able to do without them!

French or Dutch braids.

French and Dutch braids are both classic and modern hairstyles. In both cases, the braid starts from the top of the head and collects all the hair up to the nape, and then continues as a classic braid until the end of the lengths. The main difference between the two lies precisely in the way the hair is braided: from the top for the French version, from the bottom to the top for the Dutch version.

The Dutch braid is back with the trend of boxer braids, the hairstyle with two braids sported by boxers in the gym and in the ring. Perfect for sporty-inspired looks, they also go well with more urban outfits; enriched with bows, ribbons, rhinestones or small clasps, they can also give a modern touch to more classic or bon ton looks, creating an interesting contrast.

Side braids.

Side braids are also particularly good for soft and romantic hairstyles. Making them is simple because in this case, any imperfection is not a defect, on the contrary, a slight dishevelled effect with a few strands that escape the braid will make the look even more glamorous. Here’s how to do it: comb your hair to eliminate knots and bring the hair to one side, near the ear, then start braiding the strands and finally finish off the braid with an elastic. To add volume to the lengths, loosen the braid slightly by pulling the strands outwards with your fingers.

A beautiful variant for hairstyles with side braids is the fishtail braid, a hairstyle with a boho-chic flavour that adapts to the most romantic looks, but also to the most elegant occasions. To achieve it, the hair is divided into two sections and braided gradually by bringing two strands from the outside to the inside, obtaining a flat braid.