Stop by and shake your style!

Come and visit us in Annex Rinascente
at the brand-new Hairstyle Bar powered by milk_shake® and transform your look!

A delicious experience and a stylish and fun break, to make yourself beautiful in a few minutes between preparing for an exam and your next appointment with friends.

Discover all our fragrant treatments and book the one that inspires you the most!

Get yourself a zillion braids!

Want a plethora of braids? The answer is yes! Choose the look you prefer from our BRAIDERS menu
between femme style, rock look, teen spirit and fashion effect
and transform your style in less than 30 minutes, with no need to shampoo.

Choose your delicious look

You choose how to pamper yourself with our delicious treatments:
with the delicious colour sorbet, to revive the colour tones in colour-treated hair and give shine to natural hair, while with the super creamy hair cocktails give a toning, nourishing or shine-enhancing treatment to revive your hair with a brilliant and natural effect.

Your hairstyle-to-go

At the milk_shake® Hairstyle Bar you can transform your look for every occasion however you want it!
Choose from one of our blow-outs: regenerating, anti-frizz, experiential, nourishing, silky, toning or specially designed for the most capricious curls, and let yourself be guided by the mix of products of our hair-stylists, who combine the most fashionable looks with carefully chosen delicious, refreshing and nourishing ingredients to take care of every hair type with all the naturalness of milk_shake®.

Meet our fantalicious team!

Our milk_shake® angels are professional hairstylists who are highly qualified and ready to make your look cooler than ever!

Ready to transform your style?

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