Indulge in the softness of milk_shake® colour whipped cream

No rinse colourful foams with delicious fragrances milk_shake® colour whipped cream.

Give hair delicate, temporary colour tones, guaranteeing condition and hydration.

12 fresh and delicious shades for every taste, to keep hair colour intense and radiant:

golden blond / beige blond / copper / rose brown / light pink / light red / light blue / violet / cold brunette / warm brunette / light grey / intense grey

Greys to transform hair with colour tones

In milk_shake® colour whipped cream there are two grey shades to give pefect colour tones to naturally grey or white hair.

The two shades have many colour tones and are perfect for removing unwanted warm tones from blond hair, creating the perfect cold blond shade you’ve always wanted.

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