purifying blend shampoo

intensive purifying shampoo for scalp and hair

Cleanses deeply yet gently, freeing the scalp from impurities, dandruff, sebum, sweat and styling product residue. Selected plant-based ingredients contribute to protecting scalp and hair from pollution, for a healthy, shiny result. With AFA green-blue micro-seaweed, organic achillea and nettle extracts, lemon and rosemary essential oils, eucalyptol, allantoin and zinc pyrithione. This blend of active ingredients with exceptional purifying properties has been developed to protect the scalp and solve the discomforts associated with excessive dandruff, grease and undesired residues from the surrounding environment. Sls/sles and paraben free.

AVAILABLE FORMATS: 300ml - 1000ml

Active ingredients

Allantoin, eucalyptol, lemon essential oil, nettle extract, rosemary extract, zinc pyrithione, AFA seaweed, organic achillea extract, magnesium silicate and aluminium.

How to use

1 .

distribute evenly over damp hair and lather.

2 .

Leave in treatments for a few minutes, then rinse.

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