A new capsule collection of two skin care products for the face and body:

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Discover milk_shake® my skin, two products packed with rich active ingredients with a very high percentage of naturally-sourced ingredients:

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Hydrating face mask

Pamper your skin. Its delicate formula is enriched with avocado oil and shea butter with nourishing properties, organic goji extract with invigorating and antioxidant properties and hyaluronic acid which enhances skin hydration.


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Nourishing body cream

A rich cream that instantly nourishes the skin with a long-lasting effect, improving firmness and tone whilst leaving a delicate fragrance.


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The milk_shake® formulas contain 97% and 93% naturally-sourced ingredients*.

How is the percentage of 93 – 97% naturally-sourced ingredients calculated?
By calculating the percentage of naturally-sourced ingredients we are respecting the indications of ISO 16128:

  • \ 1.

    measurability: the natural aspect of each ingredient is rigorously quantified using a numerical index from 0 (not natural) to 1 (natural).

  • \ 2.

    applicability to all cosmetic ingredients: this means freeing the range from all those lists of presumed “good” or “bad” ingredients that exploit the emotional leverage of consumers, creating misinformation.

These criteria allow us instead to compare our products with others on the market.

What about the remaining 3-7% of the formula?

Our priority is to offer high quality treatments that are safe and respectful of the skin’s balance, pleasant and easy to use, and able to satisfy demanding customers. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to add synthetic substances, which we have chosen from among the most innovative and safe ingredients, with the same care we reserve for natural raw materials.

Are milk_shake® my skin products really good for the skin?

Yes! Our products have been rigorously tested:

  • \

    independent laboratory tests to ensure microbiological stability and safety:

  • \

    compatibility testing of the formulas with the packaging, stability over time and if exposed to cold/heat, tests which were carried out by our research lab and our suppliers;

  • \

    as this product is to be applied directly to the delicate skin of the face, the hydrating face mask was also dermatologically tested on sensitive skin;

  • \

    repeated testing by our internal team to select the best formulas and make sure that the performance, pleasantness and general satisfaction were of the highest level or even beyond expectation.

*Levels calculated according to ISO 16128. The calculation includes water.


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