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If you are already thinking about what gifts to put under the tree, don’t miss out on our milk_shake xmas gift sets.

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Our gift boxes are ready to steal your heart:

Two exclusive gift boxes inspired by the most current colour trend, red and pink barbiecore.

milk shake xmas product small

2 sizes

up to 2-3 products

2 minimal-chic patterns

Use these for the products your client has chosen as put together their gift box.

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With the holidays around
the corner, the mini sizes
of our milk_shake
best sellers are back!

Seize this opportunity:
small and practical
they are ideal for checking off
a few things from your xmas gift
list and for decorating the Christmas tree.

Recommend this xmas deal:
purchase our mini size
shampoos and conditioners
get a free mini leave-in.

xmas kit

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indulge in our gorgeous milk_shake fragrances.

Wake up in the morning with the scent of freshly baked cakes in the air, keep your instant feel-good fragrance closeby, sleep peacefully surrounded by delicate notes of icing sugar.

milk shake xmas products milk shake xmas products mobile

The box contains

milk shake xmas product

cinnamon cupcake

room fragrance

spray into the air as needed.

sugar coated dreams

sugar-coated dreams

pillow spray

hold the bottle 30cm from your pillow and spray onto your pillow 30 minutes before going to bed

sweetness at hand

sweetness at hand

wrist fragrance

apply to your wrist before going to bed or as needed.