Winter is a delicate time for our hands, rely on simply zen dedicate hand ritual

The cold and dry climate brings cracks and redness that make hands look neglected. To counteract this problem, simply zen offers a ritual to take care of the hands, both in the salon and at home; a complete system to regenerate hands and restore their natural beauty.

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The hands are continuously subjected to the action of irritating and atmospheric agents, which threaten the integrity of the skin at all times.

Just think of how many times a day we wash our hands just to keep them clean, or to the detrimental action of the cold, wind,and UV rays to see how hands are susceptible to cracking, redness, dehydration and roughness which can progressively lead to premature aging.

Taking care of your hands is important to keep them hydrated, soft, healthy and beautiful at all times.

Discover the new beauty ritual:

Take care of your hands with simply zen sensorials

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