Dream of waking in the morning with beautiful, weightless and voluminous hair?
Make your dream come true with
milk_shake® lifestyling what a wave!

Discover the new beauty accessory for soft, wavy hair every day, without stressing your hair with heat.
What a wave is the innovative styling tool to make trendy wavy styles for your hair!

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1. After having washed the hair, dry the hair 90% so it’s slightly damp, then wrap milk_shake® lifestyling what a wave around the head and keep it in place with the provided hair.

2. Now start wrapping the hair from the right side of the head around the what a wave ribbon, subdividing the hair into strands.

3. Do the same on the left side until all the hair is firmly in place and wrapped around the ribbon, then keep the hair in place with the provided scrunchies.

4. Now all you need to do is sleep on it! And…

5. … voilà!

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milk_shake® lifestyling what a wave