From beginner to expert, master the art of ponytails


There really are so many ways you can make your hair interesting with ponytails, here’s some advice on how to do them.

Ponytails are simple and versatile: the best solution for bad hair days, but also great for elegant and sophisticated looks. In between these two extremes there are many variations, sporty, pop, romantic… if you tend to tie your hair in the same way all the time, now’s the time to elevate your style and your ponytail technique!

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Easy-chic ponytail

A very easy way to make a simple ponytail more refined is to cover the elastic with a lock of hair. It’s done like this: after tying your hair, take a lock, wrap it around the elastic and finally clip it with a hairpin at the nape of the neck, under the tail. Choose an “invisible” elastic, that is, the colour closest to that of your hair, and fix the hairpin on the wavy side, so it will stay in place for longer.

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Upturned ponytail

Another way to give a touch of originality to ponytails is simply by securing the folded lengths in the elastic to create a sort of unfinished bun. Or, you can clip the middle part of the ponytail to the nape of the neck using a pair of bobby pins. The important thing is that the hair is well-kept, so it might be useful to apply an anti-frizz fluid before creating the hairstyle.

High ponytail (or very high ponytail)

A very popular hairstyle is the high ponytail, and in addition to a little skill you’ll also need the right hair-length and hair that is not too layered at the nape of the neck, to avoid finding yourself with strands of hair out of place. First, comb your hair well, then gather it upside down by securing it at the top of the head with a tight elastic. If you want, cover the elastic with a lock of hair: the result will be an easy-chic and modern look. Finally, don’t forget a touch of hairspray to keep it in place.

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High ponytail with ringlets

Now that the high or very high ponytail is easy as pie, take a curling wand and transform the look into a super romantic and sensual hairstyle for long hair. First, tie the hair as mentioned above, then work the ends to create a single ringlet to wear over the shoulder. Choose a medium diameter and, after applying a specific heat protection product, wrap the strand in a spiral around the tongs, wait a few moments, then open the tongs to release the hair and let it cool.

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Braided ponytail

If you love ponytails and braids, or want to keep difficult lengths in check, this is for you. The starting point is a simple ponytail, which can be lower or higher according to your mood. After tying the hair, make the braid: a more casual version can be the classic braid, perhaps made a little softer; if you want a more glamorous hairstyle, divide the lengths into two parts, apply a few drops of hair oil and twist each strand on itself, then proceed to weave them together.