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Grey Enhancing WIZARD

Be a specialist in the world of silver hair. You will analyse trends which enhance grey hair, the elegance of women who choose not to cover their grey hair.
Be conscious of the challenges faced by colourists that they face when re-creating silver colour effects starting from cosmetic colouring.
You will learn techniques to create fashionable, elegant and refined effects, and also to simulate natural colour.
Set your objectives, which could be achieved following an effective step by step progress, in full respect of the Re-Natural philosophy; bright colours, healthy, shiny and nourished hair.
Discover the new winning and specific formulas to manage different effects and get into the techniques shared during this seminar.
Immediately take advantage and realize wonderful greys combinations to differentiate your salon.

Target: Dedicated to colourists with a good experience with Re-Natural philosophy
Course duration: 2
Mode: Experiential, interactive and funny, theory and practice on training head and hair swatches
Pre-requisites: Colour Playground

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