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Colour Playground GROUND

Colour playground. Through different exercises, you will learn colour principles, the action of various colouring systems and their placement in order to choose the ideal option for all your needs.
You will recognize any hair type, nature, texture and condition which could affect the ideal colour result.
Learn how to prepare the hair using the most effective pre and post treatments.
You will feel confident in formulating and acquire capability in recognizing the levels on natural or cosmetically-treated hair and the % of greys.
You will understand the influence of the colour tones and residual pigments to master the best chromatic result.
Educate the eye to consider the fundamental notions of colour analysis.

Target: Dedicated to young colourists wishing to undrestand colour world. For all who want to deepen or consolodate colour world knowledge.
Course duration: 4
Mode: Experiential, interactive and funny, theory and practice on model. L&L of Re-Natural philosophy on model.
Pre-requisites: It is advisable to have a good knowledge of milk_shake® products (Discovery Colour Lines) and a strong attitude towards colour service specialization

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