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“Be a specialist in the world of blond colouring and know how it has evolved over time.
Be conscious of the challenges faced by colourists working day by day in their salons.
Learn to set your objectives which could be achieved following an effective step by step progress, in full respect of the Re-Natural philosophy; bright colours, healthy, glossy and nourished hair.
This specific seminar dedicated to blond colours elevates your capacities in choosing and evaluating the best solution for your clients.
Discover specific and winning formulas to manage different tones, combine them with the techniques explained during this seminar and take immediate advantage for your salon, creating amazing blond shades which create a solid business.”

Target: Dedicated to colourists with a good experience with Re-Natural philosophy
Course duration: 2
Mode: Experiential, interactive and funny, theory and practice on training head and hair swatches L&L on model
Pre-requisites: Colour Playground

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