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Blond state of mind: how, when and why


Everything you should know if you are or would like to become blond, to make the most of your hair (which shades to choose, the products to use, UV exposure…).

Summer is here, and our desire to lighten our hair blossoms with it. But that’s not all: having blond hair has always been a secret desire for all women. 

Ovidio was obsessed with it, medieval religions believed it to be divine, Renaissance painters painted it with realism, Elizabeth I envied it, Hitchcock was fascinated by it, the world of Hollywood made it stellar … What is the secret power of blond hair?

The etymology of the English word “blond” can be traced back to the Latin translation of “blandus” which means seductive, attractive. Blond hair has always been considered a rare, supernatural, divine aesthetic element. Aphrodite was depicted with very long light hair; Botticelli’s Venus has long golden hair, and the list goes on and on. In our cultural heritage, this physical characteristic is indisputably associated with beauty.

There are those who are lucky enough to be born with genes that give them natural blond hair, and those who resort to the hairdresser. Fortunately, the 2020 blond hair trends leave room for the interpretation of the most varied shades of blond. With a single diktat: the result of the colouring (or lightening) techniques must look 100% natural. Flat, even colour is a big no, whereas interesting blonds with shaded colour tones are a definite yes.

Blond state of mind: how, when and why

Honey blond hair

Let’s start from the base: light honey-coloured hair is a very natural shade envied by many brunettes. Don’t worry, warm blond highlights can warm up and illuminate brown hair. The important thing is to intervene first by lightening a few small strands, and to then apply a honey blond shade. The hair must then be maintained with a shampoo and conditioner for light hair, in order to keep the colour looking fresh. One of many celebs who love this look, Katy Perry wore 2020 colour trendy hair: goodbye pixie cut, hello long extensions with a natural blond effect (seen in the Never worn white video). The secret to this look, even if you start with a brown base, is to opt for lighter highlights, leaving your base colour as it is. This blond shade lends itself to long, medium and short cuts.

Vanilla blond hair

Natural, as sweet as a pastry pie. Vanilla blond hair is the most classic and beloved gourmand shade ever. It is delicate and brightens and softens facial features. Loved by supermodels like Elsa Hosk and Romee Strijd, this colour looks good on both straight and wavy hair. The textured finish helps to bring out the vanilla tones. Perfect for those with light skin and eyes, to be combined with a full and voluminous ‘70’s fringe.

Caramel blond hair

Let’s take Jennifer Lopez: 50 years old, a crazy body and enviable hair. The singer entered 2020 with a new colour refreshed by caramel highlights on long hair. The advantage of this warm blond shade is that you can wear it on both on very long hair, but also on short hair. The natural effect is guaranteed because the colour of the roots remains natural, and only the lengths are touched. In addition, experts confirm that of all the blond shades available, this warm shade is the easiest to keep for a long time.

And if you want an even lighter effect, you can ask your trusted hairdresser to insert locks a few shades lighter than caramel. Just a few, but on the whole they will illuminate the face with a glamorous look. Goodbye flat hair! Hello J.Lo.

Platinum blond hair

A timeless classic since the days of Marilyn Monroe. You can call it platinum, ice blond, or baby blond. The 2020 version is a bit rebellious, highlighted by contrasting roots. Among the most followed celebs who have opted for this bold blond shade are Margot Robbie, Kristen Stewart and Lucy Boynton.

It is one of the strongest hair trends of the moment, which will continue into next fall. This very light blond shade is inspired by very blond hair typical of the Northern European phototype. It is an extremely bright blond shade that looks good on long hair, but also on bobs and lobs – as long as its with bangs. Consider that, in most cases, it first needs a total lightening. Warning: to say it looks good on everyone would be lying: try it if you have a diaphanous complexion and blue or green eyes. You will look like a fairy tale.

Blond state of mind: how, when and why

Blond hair with dark roots

Good news for blond hair without commitment. 2020 trends show off dark roots with blond ends. An example?  Cara Delevingne on the Dior red carpet a few months ago. This option gives shine to the hair without changing your hair colour at the roots. The darker the roots, the better.

Blended blond hair

If you are a natural blond, or if you want to lighten your brown hair gradually, you can take inspiration from the so-called “sun-kissed” shade. The golden tones are scattered over the lengths to guarantee a natural effect, just as if the hair had been bleached by the sun. It is ideal for medium cuts because it gives volume.  Supermodel Gisele Bündchen knows what we’re talking about…