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Our first release
of our BEAUTY INSIGHT is here.

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milk_shake® is natural beauty.


The colours and scents of nature are the protagonists and a source of inspiration. VitaminS is the first milk_shake® BEAUTY INSIGHT, a hairstyle, cut & colour collection, resulting from the collective study and creativity of the concept™ artistic team, which represents the upcoming market trends through our milk_shake® beauty code.

In this BEAUTY INSIGHT we tell the story of a woman who lives with happy light-heartedness, seduces with her spontaneity, and is ready to change with enthusiasm. The VitaminS woman loves colours, faces the day with energy and believes in a simple, fresh and joyful beauty.

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As far as colour is concerned, our vitamin recipe is concentrated in the quiff area and mixes magenta and lavender through a simple but effective technique, and these two colours are part of our research on extremely vibrant and radiant trendy colours, and this result was obtained using milk_shake® smoothies.

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A shag made wearable and versatile and designed to embrace the features of the face. The colour has extreme shine with a flash of light created with light catcher sunlight and toned using the gloss color and milk_shake® smoothies

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The look aims to be a beautiful blond with slightly creative and avant-garde touches, maintaining the milk_shake® identity that’s natural and tasteful. The cocktail can be customized and adapted to any base, in this case we have lime, magenta and lavender.

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The colour is a celebration of our RE-NATURAL philosophy, obtained through our high performing light catcher light layers and light catcher starlight, for a natural, fresh and beautiful effect.

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Training is
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