heartening body wash

moisturizing shower gel

Gently cleanses the skin enveloping the senses with a pleasant spicy, citrus, sweet and oriental blend. Notes of ginger, mandarin and lemon blend with cloves and cinnamon peel, to be joined by sweet and vanilla base notes.


Active ingredients

oat extract, cedar extract, goji berry extract, hyaluronic acid, lavender extract, lemon extract, blueberry extract, rice proteins, rosemary extract, glycerine, GAG (Glycosaminoglycans), Multivitamin complex composed of B5 , B6, C, E and PP.

How to use

1 .

to be used in the bath or shower.

2 .

IN THE BATH: pour the equivalent of a few spoonfuls of product into the bath and fill the bath with hot water at a temperature that is slightly above body temperature. Breathe in deeply to feel the beneficial effects of the aromatic vapours.

3 .

IN THE SHOWER: pour the product onto a damp sponge and lather well over the skin, then rinse.

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